Every Apple Watch Is Defective, And Apple Knew About The Flaw From The Start, Lawsuit Alleges


Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges all Apple Watch models, from the first to the Series 3, are defective.

According to the lawsuit, the screens of the wearables are prone to cracking, shattering, and detaching, even if the user hadn't done anything to cause any of them to happen.

Shared Defect Across Watch Models

As Patently Apple reports, the same defect is present in the original Apple Watch, as well as in the Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 generations. The flaw is described to cause the screens to "crack, shatter, or detach from the body of the Watch, through no fault of the wearer."

It continues to say that Apple knew about it from the very beginning.

"Apple knew that the Watches were defective at or before the time it began selling them to the public."

It then claims that the company "actively concealed" and "failed to disclose" the flaw to consumers before, during, or after the sale. In addition, it goes on to allege that Apple has an internal policy of denying customers who complain about the issue of any warranty.

"Apple's conduct, when confronted with the Defect, indicates that its internal policy is to deny the existence of the Defect, claim the Defect is the result of 'accidental damage' caused by consumers, and then refuse to honor its Limited Warranty on those grounds."

The lawsuit is seeking $5 million in damages because of Apple's refusal to acknowledge the issue. It was filed by Colorado resident Kenneth Sciacca on June 4 in San Jose, California. According to the document, the complainant bought a brand-new Apple Watch Series 2 in December 2016 and that its screen "unexpectedly detached" on or around March 9, 2018.

Also, the lawsuit makes references to complaints found in Apple Support forums. There are also similar comments posted on other message boards and social media platforms, such as Reddit and Twitter.

For the record, out-of-warranty repairs for Apple Watch models range from $199 to $329, according to Apple's support page. For other special versions, the prices go up to $800 and $2,800.

Problems Apple Has Addressed

Apple has dealt with complaints regarding the Apple Watch. In the case of the original model, it has offered to extend warranties to three years for swollen batteries, which could damage the screen, and back covers that got detached. The company has also provided free repairs for Apple Watch Series 2 units that won't turn on or those with swollen batteries.

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