The new Oppo Find X sports pop-up front cameras to accommodate a bezel-free display without adopting the controversial notch like other smartphones.

The Display Notch Trend

There's a growing trend to offer increasingly bigger displays with a high screen-to-body ratio and bezels as slim as possible. To achieve the extra screen real estate, Apple resorted to a display notch with its iPhone X, to house the front cameras and sensors without extending the top bezel.

Android phone makers have followed suit and several smartphones have launched with display notches, with more expected to come - even the Pixel 3. The notch has been quite controversial, however, and many users would rather do without it.

Some OEMs such as OnePlus have come up with solutions to hide the display notch for those who don't want it, while others such as Oppo decided on a different take altogether.

Oppo Find X Pop-Up Cameras

The Oppo Find X has a large 6.4-inch display a whopping screen-to-body ratio of 93.8 percent, with slim bezels all around. To avoid using a notch, the smartphone has a motorized camera mechanism that hides the front and rear cameras when not in use.

The camera tray will reportedly open in just 0.5 seconds, but one can't help but wonder whether it will be durable enough to last. The handset doesn't come with a fingerprint scanner and it relies on face unlock instead, which means that users will have to open the camera tray many times per day to unlock their smartphone.

Oppo Find X Specs

Other than the pop-up camera tray, the Oppo Find X comes with the usual mix of specs for a high-end flagship. The smartphone features a 6.4-inch OLED display with a full HD resolution (1,080p), a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor under the hood, and 8 GB of RAM.

In terms of software, the Oppo Find X comes with Android 8.1 Oreo on board out of the box.

Other specs include up to 256 GB of native storage space, a dual rear camera setup with 20- and 16-megapixel sensors, and a 25-megapixel front camera. When the tray is tucked in, none of these cameras are visible. When it's picture time, the top center portion of the handset will pop up thanks to its motorized mechanism, revealing the camera sensors.

Oppo Find X Availability

The new Oppo Find X is set to make its debut in Paris on June 19. The smartphone will then go on sale in China, but no pricing details are available at this point. The Oppo Find X will eventually make its way to North America and Europe as well, albeit pricing and launch details are not available at this point.

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