Google Launches ‘Cameos’ App, Where Celebrities Will Answer Your Burning Questions Directly


Google has found a way for celebrities and public figures to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by fans in a new app.

Called Cameos, the app launched by the search company will be available on the iOS app. It will feature popular actors, actresses, politicians, local businesses, models, sports teams, and many more.

Cameos is an extension of the Posts on the Google platform, which allows a number of organizations and people post directly to Google's search result pages.

The app will only be available for people who pass the application process. Although many of the masses will not be able to use the app to answer questions themselves, they should expect seeing it in action when they search for certain people.

About Cameos

The amazing app will lean toward the video. Here, celebrities can see a selection of the top questions that people ask about them on Google search and after which, they reply with a video message. Their answers will then be published directly to Google search and in the Google app for people to see.

Furthermore, Google has confirmed that the Cameos app belongs to a pilot that will make it possible for popular people, including social media influencers, to participate in. The app's description notes that it will add more questions for prominent figures to answer on a regular basis.

The one of a kind app will give celebrities a chance to let them be the authority on themselves. This would ensure that the information about them is accurate.

After recording their video response, their fans will get the answers directly from them. Also, it lets its users answer in their own style and increase their presence on Google by the videos using their authentic voice.

Additionally, all celebrities only need their phone to choose what top question to answer and when. The app will also give them new questions regularly to help their content stay updated and timely. Aside from being posted on Google search, their fans can also see their answers on their feed in the Google app.

Among the popular people who have shared their responses on the app include top model Karlie Kloss, and Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant.

Moreover, the access to use the app is only available upon invitation. To request access, people can download the app. The app is free and is compatible with devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It also requires at least iOS 9.0.

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