China Tax Authorities Fine Actress Fan Bingbing For Tax Evasion


One of the most famous Asian celebrities, Fan Bingbing, was fined by the Chinese government around $130 million for tax evasion.

According to a report by the state media, the well-known actress was under a tax evasion probe and was ordered to pay millions of yuan. Her past taxes totaled to a staggering 255 million yuan or $37 million. Notably, Fan disappeared when controversy concerning inflated contracts and tax evasion struck her.

Fan Bingbing's Disappearance From The Public Eye

She was last seen on July 1. Before her disappearance, she was set out to star in the upcoming film 355 with Penelope Cruz. Additionally, she was also cast in Air Strike, a film by Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody.

The X-Men and Iron Man actress was accused of having "Yin-Yang contracts," which is the practice of having two separate papers where one indicates the entertainer's real earnings while the other lists a lower amount. The latter is one that is submitted to the authorities for taxes.

Fan Bingbing's Apology

Furthermore, the Marvel actress posted an apology to her fans on Weibo on Oct. 3. Her statement is her first update on the microblog since June 2. According to the star, she had been in sorrow lately. She also expressed shame for what he had done.

"I completely accept all the penalty decisions made according to law, after the investigation done by tax authorities. I will follow the order, try my best to overcome difficulties, raise fund, pay taxes and fines," she stated.

Additionally, she thanked the Chinese Communist Party by saying that without the state and its great policies and without the people's love for her, she would be nothing.

The actress had appeared in many TV series and movies in China. She has also amassed international fame due to her recent films. She even appeared last May at the Cannes red carpet.

Another Xinhua report suggested that Fan's fines would help advocate the healthy and sustainable television and film industry in the country. Moreover, it would help raise the people's awareness on paying due taxes mandated by the law.

"The bigger the brand, the more likely you are to attract scrutiny. Just suffer this financial loss to be spared greater disaster, moreover these are ill-gotten gains," wrote Hu Xijin, editor of Global Times.

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