Sony will finally allow PlayStation gamers to change their PlayStation Network usernames, a long-demanded feature that follows the arrival of the highly requested PlayStation 4 cross-play.

Changing PSN names will only be free for the first time though. PlayStation gamers who could not make up their mind will have to pay a fee for the second time onwards.

Sony To Test PlayStation Network Name Changes

In a PlayStation Blog post, Sony revealed that it will soon start testing a feature that will allow PlayStation 4 owners to change their PlayStation Network Online ID, or better known as their PSN name.

The beta of the PSN Online ID Change feature will be added to the PlayStation Preview Program, where pre-registered beta testers can try it out until November.

Under the feature, the first PSN name change will be free of charge. However, afterward, it will cost $9.99 each time, but only $4.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

To change PSN usernames, gamers will need to access the PlayStation 4's Settings menu or through the console's Profile page. Upon making the change, users will have the option to display their old PSN name alongside their new one so that their friends may recognize them.

The PSN Online ID Change feature is slated to roll out to all PlayStation 4 owners early next year.

Possible PSN Name Change Issues

In addition to the fee after the first time, the PSN name change comes with another catch. Not all PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita games will support the new PSN name.

The new PSN name will be compatible with all PlayStation 4 games published after April 1, and most of the popular PlayStation 4 titles released before that date. However, users may encounter issues or errors in some games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita released before April 1. Users may choose to revert to their old PSN name for free to fix the problem.

In any case, at least the long-requested feature of PSN name changes is finally coming soon. With Sony giving PlayStation gamers this feature along with PlayStation 4 cross-play, it almost looks like the company is winding down the console. Is the PlayStation 5 release date sooner than we think?

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