Vaccines given by a company at various businesses across three U.S. states may have caused infections, the Kentucky health officials have revealed.

The vaccines in question have been administered since last year in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The health agency warns that it may not only have caused infections but may have also been poorly effective in the prevention of illnesses.

Vaccine-Associated Infection

Kentucky Department of Public Health is conducting an investigation over the issue. According to the DPH, Location Vaccination headquartered in Mount Sterling provided the said vaccines, most of which were administered at some workplaces in central Kentucky since Sept. 1, 2018.

Individuals who received the vaccine show symptoms such as redness, pain, swelling, and hard lumps at the injection site. Symptoms may manifest a few days to over three months after getting the shot. Anyone who suffered infections linked to the vaccine might want to get vaccinated again to make sure of full immunization.

Issue Linked To Improper Storage, Handling

"We believe negative side effects associated with this investigation to be linked to improper storage and handling of the vaccine. We want to emphasize that there is no evidence to suggest that there is an issue with the vaccine supply. The provider has stopped vaccinating and there is no continuing risk to the public," said Dr. Jeff Howard, DPH commissioner.

The vaccine provider, which is registered under the ownership and management of Fairshinda Sabounchi McLaughlin, operates under the medical license of Dr. Paul E. McLaughlin. Although the company has already halted administering the vaccines, those who were vaccinated by Location Vaccination might still develop an infection.

Dr. Howard further cites the utmost importance of seeking proper medical evaluation and care for those who were vaccinated by the provider.

Affected Areas In The US

While the vaccination was provided to more individuals at several workplaces in central Kentucky, the company also extended its services to Commonwealth areas, including some locales in the states of Indiana and Ohio.

All businesses that may have employees who were provided with the vaccine are encouraged to advise their workers to contact the DPH immediately at (502)564-3418.

The health agency still urges individuals to get a vaccination to avoid catching certain diseases such as hepatitis A, seasonal influenza, and the like.

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