Honor Foldable Phone Could Roll Out In 2020


Honor might start working on its own foldable phone and launch it sometime in 2020.

At the Mobile World Congress 2019, 5G and foldable phones are creating a huge buzz, but it seems that the latter is more or less hogging the spotlight.

Honor Joins The Craze

Speaking to CNET at the event, Honor CEO George Zhao said that he's into the whole foldable phone trend.

"For Honor I think we will find a way to make this so our target customer can have a foldable phone. I think next year; next year ... should be the moment," he said.

By "target customer," he means the younger demographic, and as such, he thinks the high prices of such devices would spell problems. Eventually, though, their costs are expected to go down when production starts to increase.

It's also worth mentioning that Honor is a brand under the Huawei umbrella, meaning that it can use the latter's technology in developing its own take of a foldable device.

As mentioned earlier, 5G is among the two topics that are being talked about the most at MWC 2019, and Honor is gearing up to launch a 5G-capable handset, with Zhao saying there'll "definitely" be one this year.

The Foldable Phone Scene

So far, the manufacturers making way for the foldable phone era include Samsung and its Galaxy Fold and Huawei and its Mate X. On top of that, TCL has something in store too, as well as Oppo, who seemed to take a lot of cues from the Mate X.

Despite all that, there are some brands that aren't jumping on the bandwagon. OnePlus is one of them, and just like Honor, it's concerned over the pricing of such devices. LG isn't sold on the idea either, opting for dual screens with the new LG V50 ThinQ 5G instead.

Last but not least, Apple has filed patents that point to plans of a foldable iPhone that can bend both ways, which was recently turned into renders.

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