Sanaz Nezami: Story of an Iranian woman who died after tragic beating but saved seven lives in U.S.


Sanaz Nezami, a 27-year-old Iranian who came to the United States, was battered by the very person she vowed to spend her entire life with. Not only did she migrate to the U.S. to be with her husband, but Nezami wanted to pursue an advanced degree in engineering at Michigan Technological University. Instead of living her dream, she was battered by her husband until she was completely brain dead. Due to the need for a visa to enter the United States, Nezami's family could not make it by her bedside. However, all was not lost as technology solved the problem and brought a family closer together in such a terrible time.

The nurses at Michigan hospital set up a laptop so Nezami's family 6,000 miles away could be by her bedside during her final hours. This was done via a Yahoo Messenger video call. At one point, a family member asked one of the nurse to kiss Nezami on the forehead along with stroking her head.

"They wanted us to do things for Sanaz that they would have done," says Michigan hospital nurse, Kim Grutt. "They said, 'Let her know we love her. We're here.' I felt completely comfortable."

The first signs of problems in Nezami's love life was when she asked her sister to proofread some English to Persian text she did as a sideline. According to her sister, Sanaz was not as precise as she used to be.

"I was shocked," Sara Nezami said. "Sanaz was a very precise girl, but she omitted some lines. I asked, 'Are you OK?' She told me there was no problem."

The very next day paramedics had to rush Nezami to the hospital due to severe head injuries. She was then quickly transported to another facility 100 miles away at Marquette General.The police suspected she was severely beaten by her husband, who was later charged with second-degree murder.

"Her brain was so swollen and so damaged, there was no longer any blood flow," according to nurse supervisor at Marquette General, Gail Brandly.

Sanaz Nezami died on December 9. Her organs such as her heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas and small intestines were donated for others in need. With the consent of Nezami's family, her organs were transplanted to seven people.

This touching reality is reminiscent of the movie "7 Pounds" starring Will Smith as Tim Thomas. In the movie, Tim accidentally kills 7 people including his own fiancée, due to him sending a text message while driving. To atone for his sins, Tim sets out to save the lives of 7 people by donating his organs.

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