With only a few more days before Fortnite kicks off its 9th Season, Epic Games shared a mysterious teaser on its social media accounts.

On Monday, the video game and software company posted on its official Twitter account the first of many teasers for Season 9, which is set to go live on May 9.

What's In Store For Fortnite Season 9?

The teaser does not give much information about the coming season, but there are some hints. One of these is the statement Epic used. "The Future is Unknown" could hint that the upcoming season will feature either a futuristic or science and technology theme.

Another subtle part of the image in the tweet is the letter "N." While it is not yet clear what this is about, this certainly is no accident. Surely, Fortnite will offer something out of the ordinary, as what it has done over the previous seasons.

Through the past few weeks, several rumors have been circulating the Web, particularly among Fortnite Battle Royale players. Some of these include Battle Pass gifting, which simply means a player can gift a Battle Pass to a friend if he or she wishes to.

Meanwhile, the recent volcanic eruption destroyed some areas and opened possibilities for future seasons. There are still a few more days before Season 8 ends on May 8, so expect more teasers and details about Season 9.

Bad News For Account Mergers

Aside from the teaser post for Fortnite Season 9, Epic also reminded players that the deadline for account merging was on Monday. Since the start of Season 8, Fortnite has given players the chance to choose a Primary and Secondary account that they want to merge, and disable. This means that for those who have not yet merged their accounts, it is already too late.

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