A group of gorillas at a South Carolina zoo was caught on video trying to take shelter from the rain to hilarious effect.

Staff at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia filmed some of the gorillas huddling beneath a shade as the rain started to fall. The female primates were seen holding their babies in their arms as they attempt to find a way to avoid the downpour.

"Gorillas are magnificent, majestic creatures full of grace and beauty... except when it rains," said zookeeper Brooke Hunsinger.

Primates Aping Humans

As the primates desperately try to seek cover from the rain, one of the gorillas, named Acacia, decided to make a run for it. The animal hugged the wall of the enclosure to avoid getting wet then made its way around the corner to get to a drier spot.

Noticing that their comrade successfully got out of the rain, the rest of the gorillas followed suit. The two female primates, Macy and Kazi, made their way to the corner while clutching their babies, Mo and ZaKota.

The last one to move was Cenzoo, who was the dominant silverback gorilla in the group. He waited until both females reached safety before leaving the overhang that they were in.

All of the gorillas made human-like faces as they try to shimmy their way to a different spot in their enclosure, away from the nasty rain.

While there is usually a hierarchy among female gorillas that need to be followed, the Riverbanks Zoo explained that "all bets were off for dominance" in such situations because all of the primates were more eager to stay dry.

Gorillas Going Viral

People on social media were amused by the gorillas' behavior, with some even suggesting that the primates should be given umbrellas the next time it rains.

The video of the gorillas has already become viral over the internet, drawing millions of people to view it since it was first posted on May 3.

The current clip available on the Riverbanks Zoo's Facebook page has collected 451,000 views itself, with more than 8,000 reactions and 1,000 comments.

A social media user said the behavior of the gorillas were, in many respects, very human.

Another one commented that she has the exact same reaction to rain as the primates. She said she did not like getting rained on.

Meanwhile, some users pointed to how amusing the gorillas were in the video.

"So relatable, sweet and funny. I don't get tired of watching it," one Facebook user wrote. "Loved that Cenzo [sic] waited for everyone to get inside before him, a true gentleman."

Some animals have been shown to use human-like behavior in different situations.

In March, a kangaroo rat was filmed using ninja-like moves to confuse a rattlesnake it came across. The animal was seen launching itself into the air while also delivering a kick to predator's head. It then made its way to safety.

In November, authorities in West Virginia encountered several raccoons that were acting drunk. They believed the critters had just consumed fermented crabapples, which led to them behaving like intoxicated humans.

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