2014 was a big year for wearables, with the wearable technology revolution finally taking off. The roster of big name players, such as Google and Apple, is rapidly expanding with the likes of Intel, QualComm and even Microsoft jumping into the product pool. The early innovators, such as Jawbone and Fitbit, are busy revamping and boosting early options.

So it's not surprising that industry experts expect a huge wave of consumer adoption this year, with nearly 20 percent of U.S. adults projected to be tapping a wearable by the time 2016 arrives. Right now the user base is about half that.

Here's a quick list of products heading toward market and innovations that promise to make that fitness band look like a child's toy.

1. Apple Watch

How could we make a list of highly anticipated wearable devices and not include the Apple Watch? The fabled entry for Apple into the wearable industry will be big for two reasons: Apple's proven ability to make great products out of the gate and its adoring consumer base that will snap up the Watch as feverishly as iPhones and iMacs.

2. Moto 360 2015

The Moto 360 is being viewed as one of the more fashionable wearable devices in the pipeline, although rumors suggest the next iteration of the popular device will be even more fashionable and designed more like a classic watch.

Some industry rumors hint it could be out by late winter this year.

3. LG G Watch R 2

LG's G Watch R is one of the more fashionable wearables that debuted in 2014, and is now just hitting shelves. Rumors from South Korea suggest LG is going to release a second version of the G Watch R, adding 4G connectivity to the device in an attempt to take on the Samsung Gear S.

There is currently a very limited selection of wearable devices with data connectivity, and those products that do have it mostly use 3G rather than 4G. If LG does add 4G connectivity to the G Watch R, it is likely it will also have to vastly improve the battery.

4. Google Glass 2

Google Glass was rumoured to be near death as a product in mid to late 2014, with little news on development hitting headlines. But those reports are proving false given recent reports of patents filed by the search company.

The patent documents suggest Google will be tweaking Glass to make it a little sleeker and more fashionable. Recent reports hint Intel will be providing the processor for the device, which will boost power considerably and foster Glass use in the enterprise and business environments.

5. Oculus Rift

In the world of virtual reality, the Oculus Rift is one of the most coveted devices. While a number of versions have been released, we have not seen a consumer version just yet.

A consumer headset will most likely include an extremely high resolution display, as well as low latency, allowing for the most realistic experience possible with today's technology. Facebook's $2 billion purchase of the VR vendor was completed in July and CEO Brendan Iribe stated in the fall he expects the headsets to hit the consumer market within months.

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