Bannersnack — Static And Animated Banner Ads With Zero Coding


If coding isn't your thing, some blogging tasks become difficult, but banner ads won't be an issue if you use the Bannersnack cloud app.

If coding is your thing, Bannersnack could still save you endless hours of repetitive work, and let you produce more banner ads in less time.

What Bannersnack Does

The Bannersnack app does it ALL and you get to try it out for free.

Your job comes down to choosing from options from those available, including backgrounds, fonts, and animation effects. You can use custom effects, colors, and animations, including uploading your own images, but the app includes thousands of ways combining the default options.

Bannersnack app lets you create your own banner ads in a jiffy.

Click the link to view this animation on the original webpage. Upload your logo, choose your background image or color, and type in your headline to start your new ad project.

Free Vs. Pro Bannersnack

You get to try out the app for free, but you will need to invest in a Pro subscription to get the most out of the platform. A Pro account gets you banner sets, images without watermarks and banner analytics; well worth the small investment.

Bannersnack's banner set feature means the end of VA-type drone work and lets you exercise your creative muscle more often. The app asks you what size banners you need, and optimizes your design for each size in a single step and without you needing to do anything other than select the banner sizes you want

You get to design 16 banners in the same time you would design one. Options include all the popular Google ad sizes as well as Facebook covers and ads.

Bannersnack Templates

(Photo: Bannersnack)

You get to choose from an extensive list of searchable templates, all classified by niche, so you will never be stuck for inspiration. You can modify the template you choose to produce your unique banner ad that reflects your branding 100%.

Banner Animations

Animations are another feature available to Pro subscribers, but even these require zero coding expertise, which means that bloggers and other publishers can design their own professional quality animations to catch readers' attention.

All animations occur on-screen as you adjust the effects using sliders for each animation component.

You can choose from easy-to-use pre-set animations, or use custom settings on the sliders.

(Photo: Bannersnack)

Bannersnack's timeline feature is simplicity itself to understand and use and animated sliders make it easy for first-time users to grasp the principles of banner animations.

All animations use HTML5 for maximum speed and cross-platform versatility.

If you need custom animations for demanding clients, Bannersnack lets you set those up, too.


If you are looking for a banner ad generator that includes AMP HTML, Bannersnack does that, too.

Google loves AMP HTML because pages that test as AMPHTML valid load faster, meaning, Google searchers are happier.

Faster, lighter, safer — the perfect banner ad and the main reason you should try to use AMP HTML ads if you possibly can.

As a Bannersnack user, you know your AMP HTML ads are valid, so you avoid any extra validation steps.

You want even your most impatient users to be happy with your page download speed, so using AMP HTML makes sense. When you add in the extra security to the lower bandwidth requirements, AMP HTML ads are a no-brainer.

This Hongkiat article will help you get people to love your blog. AMP HTML pages will help because everyone loves FAST.

Banner Analytics

You need to know how effective your banner ads are, so analytics are essential rather than an optional extra.

A Bannersnack Pro account includes all the analytics you need, including heatmaps to help with placing your call-to-action and action-button.


The Bannersnack cloud banner design app gives you a lot of features for your dollar. You can minimize your risk by trying the app out using a free account. Even after that, your exposure could be only one month's subscription while you are testing and getting to grips with what you can do with the app.

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