SNK Corporation has just teased possible new hardware right on the heels of its retro miniature arcade Neo Geo Mini.

The Japanese video game maker tweeted that it plans to unveil a new generation game console soon, but it did not offer any more details beyond that.

"A Next-Gen Neo Geo hardware is coming after Neo Geo Mini," SNK wrote. "With a modern design and a wonderful play feeling and you can even link it to Neo Geo Mini, the new hardware will provide you a Neo Geo journey that you have never experienced. Stay tuned for more information!"

Meanwhile, the Japanese version of the tweet offers a slightly different take on the game console tease, according to website Gematsu.

"Following Neo Geo Mini, a new Neo Geo hardware will appear," SNK said. "With leading-edge design, excellent play feel, and linkability to Neo Geo Mini, it will offer a Neo Geo experience like no other. Details will be announced soon. Please look forward to it."

Neo Geo Versions 2 And 3

It's not yet clear what the upcoming Neo Geo hardware will be, but some gaming journalists believe the big reveal may have something to do with the 2nd and 3rd versions of the SNK game console the company hinted at back in April.

At an investor relations press conference in Seoul, South Korea, SNK Chairman Ge Zhihui said they were working on Neo Geo versions 2 and 3, as well as a new console-version of Metal Slug.

Zhihui said the company decided to create the new Neo Geo versions following the financial success of the Neo Geo Mini. However, he clarified that the upcoming consoles will not be related to the earlier Mini.

Neo Geo Mini

Despite the better-than-expected sales of the Neo Geo Mini, the SNK retro console was met with mixed reviews from gaming critics.

Sam Byford of The Verge welcomed the mini arcade cabinet look of the Neo Geo Mini, but he questioned some of the console's design choices with regards to practicality.

For example, the inclusion of a 360-degree capable joystick is great for playing 3D games but not for 2D titles that require precise movement. Byford said the micro-stick on the earlier Neo Geo Pocket offered a better input system for SNK games.

There is also an issue with connecting the Neo Geo Mini to a TV. The SNK console does not translate its video output well on a wider screen, often messing the scaling and quality of the images. However, the output on the Mini's built-in 3.5-inch screen is just fine, according to Byford.

Chris Kohler of Kotaku also pointed to the Neo Geo Mini's inability to display pixel-perfect graphics on the TV as one of its biggest drawbacks. While the console does offer "image optimization" options in its menu, Kohler said it only adds Photoshop-style filters to the screen that help give the graphics a more hand-drawn look.

Overall, Kohler said the Mini is more useful compared to other novelty miniature arcades available, but it is "a bit too unwieldy" as a way to experience Neo Geo gaming.

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