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(Photo : Nikita Kostrykin | Unsplash) A new patent from Sony suggests that it's working on its own virtual assistant called PlayStation Assist, which could be in the highly anticipated PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 could have a built-in virtual assistant aptly called PlayStation Assist.

That's according to a new patent Sony just filed. It's similar to the likes of Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, or Google Assistant in terms of core functionality, but to no one's surprise, it's centered on gaming.

PlayStation's Assistant

As spotted by Daniel Ahmad, a video games industry analyst, users can ask PlayStation Assist questions while playing. For instance, they can ask for the nearest health pack, and then it'll be marked on the map.

In Sony parlance, it calls it a "Voice Help System Using Artificial Intelligence," as seen in the patent filing in the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO. Simply put, it describes it as "a method for gaming assistance." That said, its name isn't exactly set in stone just yet either.

Features And Platforms

On an interesting note, some of the drawings in the patent give a good idea of what Sony has in mind with the assistant. For example, one of the images show PlayStation Assist giving pointers on "looting a steel sword" in Skyrim. In other instances, they show the assistant giving directions to the player.

In addition, the company also intends to launch PlayStation Assist for mobile devices. On the mobile app, players can access a variety of information about a game, including walkthroughs for main and side quests.

In the case that the assistant can't provide an answer, it can even help the player get in touch with someone else who has played the game. There also seems to be a star-rating system in the cards, suggesting a sort of community of gamers who can provide assistance.

It should be mentioned that it isn't clear whether PlayStation Assist will be in the PS5 or not, since this patent filing doesn't really confirm that. At any rate, it shows that Sony is working on its own assistant that's focused on gaming.

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