Evan Spiegel, Miranda Kerr
(Photo : Miranda Kerr | Instagram) Snap CEO Evan Spiegel with Miranda Kerr. During an interview at TechCrunch's Disrupt, Evan Spiegel was asked about his wife's beliefs about the toxicity of smartphone and WiFi radiation.

Evan Spiegel's wife, the supermodel/businesswoman Miranda Kerr, is concerned about the negative effects of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation emitted by smartphones and WiFi routers.

Evan Spiegel On Miranda Kerr's EMF Concerns

In a previous interview, she revealed that she has taken several measures to block radiations in her home. This includes stickers placed on the back of a smartphone, an EMF detector that "picks up the waves in the air," and a device that turns out all the power from electronics while she sleeps.

The portion of the interview went viral last September, with people on Twitter asking whether her husband, the founder and CEO of Snap, believes that EMF is harmful to the health. Finally, at TechCrunch Disrupt held in San Francisco on Friday, Oct. 4, interviewer Josh Constantine had the opportunity to confront the tech billionaire.

"I haven't had an opportunity to look into it," admitted Spiegel (via Mashable). "If you're married, which I think you are, you probably understand how you want to support your partner in everything that they believe."

He also confirmed onstage that he does not have a sticker on the cover of his smartphone, which he took out of his pocket to show the crowd.

Constantine further tried to get a reaction, but Spiegel does not seem to want to talk about Kerr's fears of EMF radiation anymore.

"Why don't we make a deal," he responded. "I won't make fun of your wife on stage, and you won't make fun of mine."

There have been concerns about EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices, but there have been no scientific studies that prove that they are toxic or harmful. Even the World Health Organization, which conducted its own investigation, concluded that there are currently no evidence to back up claims that exposure to EMF radiation would result to negative health consequences.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission also issued a warning against products that claim to block cellphone radiations.

Evan Spiegel On Breaking Up Facebook

At the same event, Spiegel was also asked about calls to separate Instagram and WhatsApp from Facebook. He stated that it is "really hard to say" if there would be benefits to breaking up the world's biggest social media company. "Real product changes," he added, would help problems around privacy and other issues currently faced by Facebook.

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