Black Friday and Cyber Monday
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According to The Independent, a cyber risk firm called Digital Shadows discovered that criminals are seemingly offering deals and discounts on the dark web in line with the big shopping event—Black Friday 2019.

The Dark Web

As we all know, the dark web is a hidden section of the internet that isn't indexed by any search engine. It's a restricted part of the network which requires a specific configuration, software, or authorization to be granted access into, which is why it has become a hotbed of illegal and unlawful activities.

Although authorities and cybersecurity companies work hand-in-hand to take down dark websites and capture lawbreakers, the system proves to be a little too complicated that it has become quite difficult to apprehend offenders.

There are already initiatives and programs that aim to rid of the dark web; however, illicit activities in the section do not seem to abate no matter what.

For this reason, organizations like Digital Shadows have been monitoring, tracking, and studying the trends and activities in the dark web for many years now in order to understand it.

The Dark Web Shopping Sale: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In a recent discovery, Digital Shadows found out that dark web activities seem to mimic the trends in the surface web. This data came from the apparent increase in Black Friday deal listings found in various threads all over the dark web.

Vendors on the dark web are currently offering huge discounts on illegal items such as drugs, hacking tools, and stolen credit cards. Some are even giving discount coupons and codes on counterfeit products and botnets that are capable of executing powerful cyberattacks.

 Digital Shadows found about 1,600 'Black Friday 2019' deals on these products a week before Black Friday, and they are expecting a drastic increase in the number of these bargains on an actual day.

The firm is even positive that an even bigger sale will happen on the dark web during Cyber Monday, Dec. 2. Because it was considered as the biggest shopping day in United States history back in 2018, analysts think that Cyber Monday will be as monumental this year as well. 

The Threatening Consequences of Dark Web Shopping Sale

Currently, these big shopping events on the dark web introduce us to the possibility of hackers to increase. With lower prices, criminals are anticipated to purchase bulk items that can be used to carry out various kinds of crimes and attacks.  

 As the surface web is also busy with purchasing discounted products in various retailers during these days, it's highly possible that lawbreakers take this chance to launch cyberattacks to sabotage and hack consumers and companies.

Digital Shadows warns that "As more and more people turn to online shopping, cybercriminals are provided with a much larger landscape to conduct fraud. Retail and e-commerce organizations have a wealth of sensitive data and deep supply chains that can expose your business, customers, and brand to a wide variety of digital risks."

The firm is also warning online users that dark web vendors make use of popular messaging apps, Telegram and Instagram, to promote their products, so it's best to be cautious when it comes to clicking ads or links on these platforms.

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