When it comes to traveling around the world, one of the most dreaded activities tourists must face is having to use a public toilet. Many travelers have had the internal debate of having to push their bladders to their limits, or take their changes in a public gas station toilet, which may or may not have been sanitized and maintained properly for months.

One YouTube poster was extremely giddy when he discovered an absolute gem of a public toilet on the island of Bohol in the Philippines.

Jason Godfrey cannot hold back his excitement as he whips out his camera and documents the entire public washroom that has been decked out lavishly, putting even luxury hotel and home bathrooms to shame.

Godfrey found the toilet at a Shell gas station while he was traveling in the Philippines. Aside from being bigger than his apartment, as he declares in the video, the toilet has its own seating area, reading materials, calming music, and art hanging on the walls. It even smells "super menthol," according to Godfrey.

Godfrey, who is a model and TV personality, declares that the toilet is "awesome" and "ridiculous." His video makes us wish that our bathrooms have even half of the features that this public toilet has. Some commenters on his YouTube channel even say that the toilet is a 5-star hotel all in itself.

This Shell public toilet certainly would be on our list of must-visit toilets in the world (we didn't even know we had a list of must-visit toilets!).

Other famous public toilets, though probably not as inviting and comforting as this one, worth mentioning are the solid gold toilet (actually, the entire bathroom is solid gold) in Hong Kong that you can visit for a fee but not use; the public toilet at St. Paul International Airport where in 2007 U.S. Senator Larry Craig was arrested on suspicion of lewd behavior; and a toilet and sink that once belonged to Hitler, which are now in an Auto Repair shop in New Jersey.

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