Kohler Moxie Shower
(Photo : Screengrab from Youtube)

Normal bathroom activities are so 2019! Why not ask Alexa to flush your toilet or to blast your bidet, and now even to turn on your shower and play your favorite tunes while you take a bath. Yes! Kohler wants to put AI into your bathroom - and now in your shower

So we have all heard of Smart kitchen, and Smart lamp where you can ask Alexa to turn on your lights. But this 2020 you will be able this in your bathroom as well. Introducing the smart Kohler Moxie Shower head! Now this is a really great way to impress any girl you bring back home.

She: "Honey, where are your shower knobs?"

You: "ALEXA! Turn on shower please!"

She: "eeek!!" (Spooked as hot water suddenly starts touching her skin!)

You: (a grin on your face)

So what is the Moxie Shower head, exactly?

In Kohler's own words:

The portable in-shower smart speaker and voice assistant delivers outstanding natural sound balance with remarkable detail and provides hands-free control that performs seamlessly in the shower, in the home or on the go.

I think they said "on the go" because the speaker part is detachable per their image below:

If you have ever watched a movie where the lady gets killed when she electrocutes herself in the tub because the radio which was plugged fell into the water exposing her to 220 volts of electricity - well, it's her fault for not using the Moxie shower system!

That is because the Kohler Moxie showerhead system is all WATERPROOF, as it has an IPX 67 rating. You heard it right! So if you are like my annoying little sister who always brings the speaker to the bathroom as she stays there for what it seems like an eternity and end up with a broken speaker after a few months (due to moisture buildup) then yeah, it's probably a great idea for her to buy the Moxie! Wait, that doesn't sound good for everybody else, does it?

This is a list (of just some) of things you can do with the Moxie showerhead

1) Listen to music while showering  (not to mention that the speaker delivers high-quality sound)

2) Need to listen to the news or a live stream of your favorite Basketball team's game, but you need to shower so badly? Worry not! Alexa has got you covered!

3) Don't have anyone at home to keep you company? You can now talk to Alexa and ask her silly random questions while you are taking a shower!

4) Ask Alexa to control the water temperature

5) Or any feature that you set Alexa to do, to be honest. WHILE TAKING A SHOWER! Talk about productivity and time management!

Retail Price:

Kohler states that this will be in the market sometime this year. The full Alexa version will set you back 159 dollars. If that is too much, you can opt for the one with a simple Bluetooth speaker version for 99 dollars. Both of these need to be detached to charge and will last for about five to seven hours. For an average person that means about a few days worth of baths (if you are a well-balanced human being who doesn't take an hour in the bathroom) but if you are like my little sister then you can probably burn through this battery life in a matter of two or three baths lol!

Now gone are the days of plain and boring showers! Thanks to Kohler and their innovative AI-integrated appliances and Moxie shower head, you can now even simple showers can be errr "enjoyable." Just be ready for a higher water bill as you spend more time than usual in the bathroom. But if you can spend 159 dollars on a simple showerhead, then that's probably not going to be an issue for you! Kohler also announced the release of more interesting bathroom appliances like the Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet update, so stay tuned for future updates!

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