Chinese tech giant Huawei is not yet finished on standing against the United States government.

After being initially tagged as a 'national security threat' by the country's Federal Communications Commission or FCC, the smartphone provider is now properly asking the FCC to stop tagging them as a threat as they called it 'unlawful.'

Is Huawei 'stigmatized'? 

Based on Huawei's submitted nearly 200-page request document to FCC, the company is now urging the Unites States government to change their first verdict regarding the company. 

Tech Giants Huawei and ZTE Beg US Government Not to Tag Them as Security Threat
(Photo : Hannibal Hanschke of Reuters)
Tech Giants Huawei and ZTE Beg US Government Not to Tag Them as Security Threat

According to Al Jazeera, another China-based tech company ZTE is also part of the red-tagging of the U.S. government. 

Due to this, Huawei explained on their request that the government was being 'unlawful and misguided.' Even adding that FCC's action was "designed to implement a campaign by certain government officials, including members of Congress, to single out Huawei for burdensome and stigmatizing restrictions, put it out of business in the U.S., and impugn its reputation here and around the world."

On the other hand, ZTE recently explained on FCC that their company is willing to follow the security protocols needed by the U.S. government just for them to operate again on the country legally. 

ZTE said that they beg the U.S. government to "take additional time to assess ZTE's enhancements in the area of U.S. export control and economic sanctions compliance and security controls in ZTE products." 

ZTE added it has "spent hundreds of millions of dollars to implement a compliance program relating to U.S. export control compliance regulations." 

Huawei and ZTE vs. U.S. government

In Nov. 2019, the FCC initially voted against the said Chinese companies. This is after U.S. President Donald Trump called out all their products in the market-- meaning that China could potentially use the equipment sold by them on spying confidential information from the U.S. government. 

The department initially voted 5-0 on designating the Chinese companies as 'national security threat.' This means that once it was finalized, Huawei, ZTE, and other Chinese tech companies will be barred from entering the U.S. market until the mentioned date. 

The FCC was also reportedly talked to other countries that have ties with the U.S. to also red tag Huawei as it poses a threat to security. 

United kingdom gives a chance to Huawei 

Interestingly, the United Kingdom, one of the leading countries that have huge tech market sales, recently announced they will still be open to Huawei for the telecom market in their country. 

As of now, the FCC announced that the final decision will still come from the agency's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau and that they will finalize the investigations. 

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