For those of you who have not touched Sims in quite a while or have not yet upgraded to the latest Sims 4, there is definitely no better opportunity to do so than now during Sims' 20th Anniversary! Sims is definitely going hard and going strong as this game simulates real-life happenings resulting in interesting gameplay where you get to live the life you have always wanted to live! 

Sims' 20th Anniversary Celebrates with Big Sale on Sims Expansion Packs!
(Photo : Screenshot From Sims 4 Facebook Page)
Sims 4 offering great new sales on their expansion packs

The ongoing sale is the best opportunity to get the expansion packs

A huge price drop on expansion packs is being offered as bundles are being handed here and there just for fans to be able to purchase them at very reasonable costs! Imagine dropping about fifty percent of the total price or even more! That is more than enough reason to order the expansion packs on sale right now!

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The only noticeable expansion pack that is not on sale is the Tiny Living stuff, but if you have done your research and have seen just how fun this pack is, well, you might as well give it a go!

Here are the different bundles on sale now!

Sims Expansion Packs on a discount

Almost all of our favorite expansion packs are on sale including the following:

  • Discover University, which lets your Sims go to school
  • Island Living which brings out an interesting Sims survival theme
  • Get Famous where all the glamour circulates your Sims
  • Seasons, where your Sims can experience different seasons
  • Cats & Dogs for the pet lover out there
  • City Living which is a great edition for modern exploration
  • Get Together which has a family-friendly feel to it
  • Get to Work which answers what your Sims do when they go to work!

The Game Packs available

  • Realm of Magic which is really for big wizard fans
  • Strangerville with a little spooky taste
  • Jungle Adventure which pushes you into the wild
  • Parenthood which allows you to experience the intricacies of parenting
  • Vampires for the gothic lovers out there
  • Dine Out which is a culinary experience your Sims can enjoy
  • Spa Day which allows your Sims to pamper themselves
  • Outdoor Retreat which brings your Sims to a whole new adventure

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Stuff Packs that are available

If you fancy elaborate decorations, get yourself the Vintage Glamour, which introduces new items that totally transform the aesthetic of your Sims' house. The other Stuff Pack that is available in the Movie Hangout which brings a whole new level of fun as your Sims enjoy cinema.

The final Bundles

There are certain bundles that allow you to purchase a couple of expansion packs at the same time. The first being the bundle of City Living, Dine Out, and Bowling Night altogether while the second one would be Get Together, Spa Day, and Movie Hangout. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of Sims' 20th-anniversary sale.

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