Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV was memorable for all the right reasons. From Cash, Guns, and everything GTA, the same success followed GTA V! Fans have been dying to know whether or not a GTA VI is coming out and this is because Rockstar Games seems to tease players with little glimpses and pieces of hints regarding the upcoming games they choose to produce.

Cash! Guns! The Whole GTA Life! Are Fans of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV Ready for GTA VI?
(Photo : Screenshot From GTA 6 PT Facebook Page)
Grand Theft Auto VI

According to Rockstar_Mag on Twitter, the official YouTube channel for Rockstar Games dropped a video, but then it is still private! This might be the best news fans of this franchise have ever heard in a while since Rockstar has been really secretive about their works. 


Rockstar has a habit of working in the shadows and going out with a boom!

Unlike most games, a heavy promotion just isn't Rockstar Games' style as they would rather keep fans wondering and drop hints every now and then and when the time is right, BOOM! They go out with a bang! Since the GDC or Game Developers Conference has just recently been postponed, there is no telling what the studio wanted to happen but never really did.

The GDC 2020 would have been the perfect place to announce Rockstar's new games

The recent tweet which has found out that the official YouTube channel for the game is hiding a video can be seen as evidence that a surprise is on the way! Although this is not solid enough evidence to prove that the video is about GTA VI, at least we can be sure that a new game by Rockstar Games is on its way, and fans will never be disappointed no matter what game it is! Although, it would be much better if the game was a Grand Theft Auto game since it has been a while since that franchise has gotten a new series.

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Rumors have spread as to the theme of the new game

There have already been rumors of a Jamaican/Columbian theme for the new Rockstar game coming from signs that vaguely hint towards that direction. The only source of this material was when Rockstar sent out the usual Christmas presents to staff. There were Jamaican and Columbian flags on the badges! Some people saw this as a sign that the next Grand Theft Auto 6 would be pointing towards a theme set in South America! Could this be a Narcos inspired GTA VI game on the way? Or could it be something else?

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After a wild goose chase, fans of the Rockstar's works will be happy with whatever game comes next

The good thing about Rockstar Games is that it has so many good games under its belt from Grand Theft Auto IV and the whole GTA franchise to the newer Red Dead Redemption Franchise along with other types of games in between. The excitement builds up even more as fans are looking forward to another Rockstar Games' launch this year.

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