Everything is moving faster and faster as one of the first drive-through style coronavirus testing centers opens up in Seattle. This system has already been used in South Korea as the swift and easy way of testing people has been proven effective for general scans of the public. Of course, only the most severe cases can be detected but that is still good progress while the minute cases can be dealt with later on.

The employees of the University of Washington's UW Medical system can already avail the test to detect the coronavirus or Covid-19 without even leaving their cars.

Drive-Through Style Coronavirus Testing Coming Soon: Should We Be Worried?
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Drive Through Coronavirus Testing

South Korea has already been practicing this form of detection and so far it has proven effective. This form of detection may prevent the coronavirus or Covid-19 from steeply increasing in the rate of infected per state. Seattle is seen to be the first to use this testing center model but with the positive results this might garner, this model could be used around the United States to make a drive-through style coronavirus testing center.

The convenience and efficiency of these tests have become essential in checking the majority

The convenience and efficiency of testing the general public is quite essential for the safety of all because if the people themselves participate in the efficient system, then the number of tested individuals would gradually increase. Dr. Seth Cohen who has had a huge contribution towards the battle against the coronavirus or Covid-19 has stated that proper ventilation is needed to stop the virus from cultivating and later on spreading.

The recent deaths around the Seattle area has been alarming

Despite the recent infiltration of the coronavirus or Covid-19 to the United States, it has already claimed the lives of 17 people and has already infected about 83 civilians all together. Although these are only recorded numbers, it is possible that the total number of deaths and number of infected could be much higher than this number. The battle against the coronavirus or Covid-19 has to be handled as quickly as possible as this virus spreads at an even higher rate every single day!

There are already three medical tents deployed

Located on the first floor of the center's multilevel garage, the medical professionals have placed three different easy-access coronavirus or Covid-19 testing centers which are properly ventilated and also very convenient for every single passerby. The excellent airflow is designed to stop the virus from contaminating in close quarters. The moment the workers drive in to get tested, they are greeted by Jan Nakahara, a brave nurse working for the University's Hall Health Center and one of the front liners in the battle against the coronavirus or Covid-19.

The drive-through clinic model is an ideal model to be expanded

Huge resources, as of now, have not yet been allocated and in the current battle against the coronavirus or Covid-19, innovation must be used to make sure that this virus is efficiently dealt with by using any forms of counter-measures available. The coronavirus or Covid-19 is no joke which is why everyone is working together to battle this virus.

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