Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Guide: What's the Best and Most Used Trials Weapons?
(Photo : Destiny/Facebook) Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris is finally back in the game.

Trials of Osiris is finally back on Destiny 2 after some tweaking, and many Destiny PvP players have come back for the re-launch.

Top Trials Weapons

After nearly just a day of its return, a list of the "best" and most used weapons on Trials is already here based on how popular it currently is and how many kills it has accumulated.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Guide: What's the Best and Most Used Trials Weapons?
(Photo : Destiny/Facebook)
Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris is finally back in the game.

As per, here's the list of the top 10 weapons as of Saturday morning:

10. Jotunn - A good weapon for its auto-tracking, something that can be utterly useful in Trials, especially when opponents are caught unaware. Currently has 200,000 kills.

9. Thorn - With 335,000 kills, Thorn gets 9th place when it comes to kills and the third most popular for exotic and hand cannon.

8. Dust Rock Blues - This shotgun has some amazing range and a farmable weapon, so it has gained the 8th spot with 370,000 kills.

7. Not Forgotten - Indeed not forgotten, this weapon has done rather well on Trials, with around 412,000 kills, and a common choice for those who want an HC on their energy slots to roll out a Revoker or a Hard Light.

6. Spare Rations - According to Forbes, this weapon is a lot more popular on PC compared to console, but it's on the 6th spot as it has accumulated 520,000 kills.

5. Beloved - Beloved is one of the most top picks by some of the best Destiny PvP players, along with the Revoker, especially when it's great for farming, so it's no wonder it has the 5th spot with 685,000 kills.

4. SUROS Regime - With an added benefit of healing on kill, this exotic auto rifle is a popular choice among Destiny PvP players and has been used to acquire 720,000 kills.

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3. Mindbender's Ambition - Although there have been changes with shotguns rather recently, Mindbender is still a popular choice with considerable damages, so no wonder it's on the 3rd spot with 780,000 kills.

2. Revoker - On the second spot is Revoker, which is so popular it has garnered 1.4 million kills due to its perfect place as a Kinetic slot.

1. Hard Light - After having its screenshake reduced, Hard Light is now the top most used weapon in Trials, and has been used to make a staggering amount of 2.4 million kills--and that's on the first day of Trials' re-launch, too.

Weekly Rewards

Besides knowing what weapons could be best used for the return of Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris, it's also good to know what rewards you can get for this week.

According to Polygon, the Trials map changes weekly, as with the rewards that players can get after finishing and winning a certain amount of battles.

This week's map is called Burnout and will run from Mar. 13 to 17, and the reward is as follows:

  • Flawless - Gloves of the Exile, Gauntlets, or Grips (Warlock, Titan, Hunter)
  • 7 wins - Exile's Curse arc fusion rifle
  • 5 wins - Tomorrow's Answer void rocket launcher
  • 3 wins - The Scholar kinetic scout rifle

As per GamesRadar, you must first purchase a Trials ticket before you can compete in Trials of Osiris.

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