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Another milestone for gamers worldwide, Twitch chat, has successfully beaten the legendary title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildTwitch followers of Pointcrow helped the streamer finish the game. 

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How Did They Do It

Pointcrow gave his followers control of what he would be doing in-game by inputting various commands into the chat. This allows them to control the fate of Link and what he is supposed to do in this generated world.

Pointcrow was able to create macros that would work in-game without him ever needing to touch his own controls.

Examples of these macros are:

A, B, X, Y, Fronthop, L, R, ZL, ZR, Up, Down, Left, Right, Parry, Backflip, Side-right, and Side-left. The Most used skill, however, by the chat is, of course, backflip. Because of course, Link is awesome in doing backflips.

What Ensued Was Chaos

If you haven't seen the stream, it is as hilarious as you think. The first few minutes of the stream were people just doing backflips after backflips. This was definitely the most fun the streamer and his chat had for a while based on their banter, as well as the coordination(or lack thereof) would allow them to do. As Pointcrow would mention to the stream that he would "gift 20 subs" if they were to finish the quest because he had no faith in them whatsoever, and instances were he would deliberately put the Twitch chat in danger when it was his turn to control Link for about five minutes and leave the chat to fend for themselves.

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Hilariously, when the chat seems to be in danger, they just tend to backflip away and choose not to engage the mobs right in front of them. They do sometimes try, however, but it almost always ends in instant death, which is fun to look at either way.

How Long Did They Do This

The game took about 25 hours to finish, and Pointcrow himself estimates that about 17 hours were controlled by the viewers alone. Which is no small feat, mind you, for a game as intense as this. The dedication of the viewers and Pointcrow to finish the game together in an unconventional way has paid off in dividends and, for sure, made a massive impact with his followers as well as himself since they all enjoyed the game together.

Some Interesting Notes

Link was estimated to die about 80 times during the gameplay either of sheer bad luck or by viewers' choice, take your pick. Pointcrow even gave the viewers the chance to deal with the final blow on Ganon, which they all loved and gave them a sense of completion during the gameplay.

This is now becoming much more of a trend now where streamers let viewers complete the gameplay, which promotes interaction in chat as well as comradery with their viewers. Examples of these types of interactions are "Twitch Plays Pokemon."

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