NeoRhythm Takes Over The Market with Neurostimulation Solution
(Photo : NeoRhythm Takes Over The Market with Neurostimulation Solution)
(Photo : NeoRhythm)
NeoRhythm Takes Over The Market with Neurostimulation Solution
(Photo : NeoRhythm Takes Over The Market with Neurostimulation Solution)

Anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of focus, unsatisfactory project results - With the amount of stress we are facing every day, there is an urgent need for a universally effective solution.

Neurostimulation as a Solution

Neurostimulation is all about the various techniques of modulating the activity in a person's nervous system. Over the years, the process has been most helpful to those who are severely paralyzed or suffering from profound losses of various sense organs. However, recent studies have opened a new door when it comes to the use of neurostimulation as a solution to stress, anxiety, relief from chronic pain, and loss of sleep. This is where NeoRhythym comes into play.

NeoRhythm by OmniPEMF

NeoRhythm is a next-generation gesture-controlled headband designed specifically to improve mental health with the use of neurostimulation. The NeoRhythm headband was designed to be wireless and buttonless. All it takes to activate the neurostimulation device are two quick taps. The Bluetooth is then automatically disconnected as the session starts and the headband is ready for use.

NeoRhythm is brought to us by OmniPEMF, a company specializing in harnessing the power of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). From their numerous researches, the company has come up with a PEMF therapy device that conveniently fits the head or neck of the user. If that was not convenient enough, the designers even made sure that NeoRhythm has the perfect shape so that it can be used under a pillow while sleeping. The OmniPEMF NeoRhythm team is a collaboration of neurostimulation researchers, professionals, and other experts who all have a single goal to produce an effective deep brain stimulation device. NeoRhythm is the manifestation of their determination and hard work.

So what do we know about OmniPEMF's new PEMF device?

  • NeoRhythm has seven stimulation programs:

Improved Sleep Quality. If you are on the hunt for a pill-free solution to your sleepless nights, NeoRhythm is one that's served on a silver platter. Different activities call for different frequencies. NeoRhythm provides the frequency that the brain needs for the user to get to the light sleep stage or REM stage without having to turn to pills. When the user programs the said PEMF device to work in this function, it helps decrease the user's heart rate in just 10 minutes. A lower heart rate means that the user is then in a relaxed state, helping the user to get to sleep

NeoRhythm - Improved Sleep Quality
(Photo : NeoRhythm - Improved Sleep Quality)

Manage Pain. NeoRhythm proves to be a useful tool for those experiencing chronic pain. The PEMF device works as a PEMF therapy device that diminishes the pain receptors temporarily, relieving the user of unnecessary pain. The neurostimulation device quiets down nerves and facilitates recovery from injury and inflammation by emitting frequencies that decrease sensitivity to pain.

Improve Concentration. NeoRhythm acts as a brain stimulator that helps enhance your mental capacity by creating a perfect and natural environment. In the Enhance Mental Capability mode, the brain stimulation device emits a combination of a dominant and a weaker frequency of brainwaves, which puts the brain in a state of higher perception. This mode will help those whose minds keep drifting to stay on track.

Deep Meditation. Another setting, that turns out to be a crowd favorite, is the Deep Meditation setting. There are two meditation settings; both have been reported to assist in achieving a state of Zen for those who practice meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and even while doing yoga. In the Deep Meditation program, NeoRhythm helps the brain synchronize and create a perfect and natural mental environment for deeper relaxation and meditation. In this mode, the neurostimulation device opens the mind to learning and intuition.

Calming & Synchronization. On the other hand, the Calming & Synchronization mode emits a dominant and an accompanying weaker frequency of brainwaves essential to deep meditation where there is a balance of cognitive functions. NeoRhythm's Calming & Synchronization mode shortens the time needed to introduce the brain to meditation, such as ridding yourself of the worries and thoughts of your day.

Energy & Vitality. NeoRhythm can help boost your energy when you need it most. Using the Energy & Vitality mode also revitalizes your mind and body. In this mode, the PEMF device emits a combination of frequencies that the brain decodes as a state of higher perception. Simultaneously, it also improves the feeling of vitality through electromagnetic pulses which directly re-energizes the cells in the brain, spreading the feeling through the whole body.

Deep Relaxation. NeoRhythm's seventh mode mimics a relaxed state by emitting a combination of waves, characteristic to deep sleep and relaxation. Once the user feels calm and de-stressed, a state of emotional, physical, and mental well-being is achieved.

NeoRhythm Takes Over The Market with Neurostimulation Solution
  • NeoRhythm's structure and design is a product of years of research and studies.

Scientifically Proven. The NeoRhythm design marks a notable advancement and breakthrough in brain sciences. It is scientifically proven and supported by two double-blind placebo studies.

Structure. NeoRhythm is designed to fit all head sizes. Part of the research done for engineering this neurostimulation device was concentrated on the comfort of the user while using the device.

Position and Function. Aside from the programs, the proper head position when using NeoRhythm locks in the effectiveness of the brain stimulator. Simulation Positions for the head include Focus & Energy, Chronic Pain, Meditate, Sleep & Relax, and Back Pain.

Coils Matter. While other similar devices have three or four coils, NeoRhythm has five. This reassures that the prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, cerebellum, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and spinal cord are targeted specifically, offering the largest and most precise stimulation area there is in today's market.

Safe. NeoRhythm is designed as a wearable headband which eliminates, if not minimizes, the need to undergo surgeries or take in drugs with side effects. It is completely non-invasive and definitely a milestone in brain sciences.

Easy to use, supported by research, and multi-functional - these are everything that we are looking for. When it comes to mental health and well-being, it is worth it to have all these boxes ticked.

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