Championing high tech and high touch in the digital age
(Photo : Championing high tech and high touch in the digital age)

The rapid changes in the digital landscape have spurred countless innovations from different industries, especially in telecommunications. From telephones to the development of the Internet, telecommunications has come a long way from the time it was introduced to us. It has become an important tool for businesses allowing them to connect, communicate, and transact faster and more efficiently. 

Eastern Communications, one of the Philippines' premier telecommunications company, has built its reputation by becoming a pioneer in connectivity solutions such as Telefax, Fax, ISDN-PRI, Internet and Ethernet Services, Leased Lines, among others that have been widely preferred by various industries such as Business Process Outsourcing, banking and financial institutions, retail, and more. The company now also delivers reliable cloud and cybersecurity solutions, providing businesses more options to leverage on the digital transformation.

Eastern Communications' success in the industry can be attributed to its unique two-pronged approach in business, "High Tech and High Touch". In its rebranding initiative entitled "Our Strong Connection," Eastern Communications highlights their strong brand identity that differentiates themselves from other telecommunications companies by providing the most innovative connectivity solutions combined with the excellent customer service that brings back the human connections of the business to its customers. 

"This is our two-pronged approach to our brand - high tech signifies our business-grade products and services that are at par with other telecommunication companies, while high touch stands for personalized customer service to our clients. While we strive to give our customers products and services that are both timely and innovative, we will never lose sight of the people who actually use the technology," shared Eastern Communications Head of Product and Innovation Edsel Paglinawan.

Aside from their wide range of global and domestic connectivity products, Eastern has expanded their offerings with ICT solutions such as managed services, cloud, and cybersecurity products. They have also expanded their network by partnering with global market leaders.

Eastern Communications takes pride in their cloud solutions, Eastern Cloud, one of its latest ICT solutions that lets you pay for what you only require and provides speed advantage and scalability, hence advancing overall business performance. Eastern Communications also empowers global businesses with their high-speed connectivity solutions such as International Private Leased Line Circuit (IPLC), Global Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), and more.    

As pioneers of the telecommunications industry in the Philippines, Eastern Communications' High Touch approach highlights the importance of keeping the human connection in the digital age. 

This led to the creation of partner  recognition programs like the "KaEsayahan," a portmanteau of Filipino words Ka-Eastern (Eastern friends) and Kasiyahan (Enjoyment), an annual social event which aims to celebrate the success of the brand while getting intimate with their partners and customers. Celebrated in different areas across the Philippines, these were evenings full of great food, great conversation, and great music. Eastern Communications also provides a dedicated team per carrier, ensuring its quality of service to their partners. 

"We recognize the importance of our partners in helping us deliver high-tech and high-touch solutions to our ever-growing number of customers. This is our humble way of strengthening our partnership with them in supporting more businesses to transform and get the best of the digital age," shared Eastern Communications Head of Marketing Jedrek Estanislao.

With its strong brand positioning, Eastern Communications has seen breakthrough in their employees' morale and company spirit and ultimately gained huge improvement in their client satisfaction with their exceptional products and tailored services that set them apart from their competitors. 

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