Michael Bay, the director of Transformers series, abruptly walked out of Samsung's CES 2014 press conference on Jan. 6, 2013, leaving Samsumg Electronics America Senior Executive Vice President (Home Entertainment) Joe Stinziano flabbergasted.

Stinziano welcomed Bay onto the stage after showing a short clip of Transformers movie to demonstrate how immersive a Hollywood movie would be on a Samsung 3D TV without the need for glasses.  

Bay initially looked very excited and said as a director, his job "is to dream for a living". The director then went on to explain about his work but suddenly after some time he stood still in awkward silence, and muttered something about missing his lines on the teleprompter.

Stinziano attemped to help Bay by suggesting that Bay could adlib his way out of it by saying something about Samsung's new UHD TV range. Bay tried and said it was his business to take the viewers on an "emotional ride" but it clearly looked as if Bay wasn't enjoying any of it. The director looked visibly disturbed, said "Sorry" and abruptly walked off the stage in a huff. 

Everyone, including Stinziano was totally unprepared for what had happened in that split moment, but Stinziano smartly regained his nerves like a pro and joked, "Welcome to Las Vegasl, it's live show,folks"

It's uncertain what exactly happened. Did Bay have stage fright? Probably, and we blame it on the teleprompter. 

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