Business Consultant James Dhillon Discusses the Role of Online Business Automation Amidst COVID-19
(Photo : Business Consultant James Dhillon Discusses the Role of Online Business Automation Amidst COVID-19)

The COVID-19 pandemic has evoked more change than any other event ever has, so far. The importance of automation is being felt now, especially during the lockdown, for those particularly involved in online business functions. Some industry leaders reliant on the offline model have already stated that their customers have gone through more digital transformation in the last three months than in the last three years. And this brings the spotlight on the fact that businesses like Amazon are certain to collapse if there's an absence of semi-automated distribution centers or warehouses. Without automation, even the most considered and prescient architecture will witness a permanent breakdown. On the same lines, the Canada-based business consultant, James Dhillon, sheds light on the role of online business automation amidst COVID-19.

As a serial entrepreneur himself, Dhillon strongly believes that in the present competitive environment, complete automation in the online business model shouldn't be considered as an option or a luxury; it's rather a necessity to survive in the long-run, in the post-pandemic world. In fact, in his opinion, the benefits of automating online businesses are so wide-ranging that it's hard to ignore them. When asked, what is it that he would like to advise to aspiring entrepreneurs or small-scale online business owners, he said, "The transition of automating your business must start by building an extensive mailing list with a compelling offer and free trials of product or services to entice visitors who may potentially turn into customers. Secondly, the onus of delivering valuable content consistently must be taken up effectively, without underrating its power. The idea is to automate daily tasks so that the business owners can lay focus on expanding the business, taking orders from anywhere and everywhere, and making money day and night - both during and after the pandemic."

The 29-year-old Dhillon, who owns a marketing agency - Automaters, business development & consulting agency - Automaters, has witnessed first-hand the setbacks of not automating businesses entirely, well in time, in the form of his clients who seek his guidance. But fortunately, knowing that the automation work performed today for his own businesses will pave the way for a better future saved him from facing the turmoil caused due to the global crisis. Even whilst he was far from pursuing entrepreneurship, he knew his interest lied in building online businesses, scaling them to great heights, and helping its owners succeed if at all they struggle to do. 

Dhillon, after having made observations, says that many online business owners are hastening their outlook to automation in the midst of crisis. However, he advises them to not look at it as a fixed solution. "If you are thinking of making an investment to entirely automate your online business, remember to do it wisely, since it will affect your innovation and productivity post the pandemic, for better or worse. Consider automation as an essential for business continuity, because it will remain a must-have technology in the near future as well as long-run after the crisis ends," shared Dhillon as a parting note.   

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