Mukbang's popularity rises so fast as many online users around the world are entertained. Many people in different countries are creating their own version, showcasing their countries' delicacies. Korean influencer Sna is one of the social media stars that attracted fans from across the world for how she presents and eats arranged plates of food. 

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She has 6 million followers on TikTok, watching her daily videos munching giant platters of food. However, BBC's latest report stated that some people are not entertained by the way the Mukbang YouTubers are eating piles of food on camera.

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The popular trend that started ten years ago might be completely banned in China. The country's plan began when President Xi Jinping called out the public to fight against food waste.

When Xi Jinping had "sounded the alarm" on food waste, the "Clean Plate" campaign was launched. He also said that the country must give have a sense of crisis about food security.

Mukbang was soon criticized by different media outlets in China, including the news network CCTV, that released critical reports about mukbang influencers. The social media companies also took action, placing warning notices to anyone who searches terms such as "eating livestream" or "eating show."

Mukbang community is facing another issue

Mukbang community is also facing another issue, stating that the influencers are not declaring their paid ads. Korean Times reported that mukbang YouTubers hide the fact that they're being paid to advertise food products.

Several mukbangers began posting their apologies, saying that they accidentally failed to include their paid advertisements in their videos.

"I admit and apologize for not mentioning paid promotions in some of my videos," said one of the mukbangers, Moon Bo-ki, also known as "Eat with Boki."

Tzuyang, another mukbang influencer, who has 2.67 million subscribers, also posted an apology video on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

"I am sorry that I did not fully inform viewers about commercial sponsorship, and promise to notify viewers of all advertisements from now on," said Tzuyang. She was also accused of tax evasion and fraud.

The sudden apologies and confessions came as the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) confirmed that social media advertising rules would be revised on Sept. 1. The new guidelines stated that influencers are required to declare their paid ads, explaining that unclear phrases such as "In collaboration with" or "Thanks to" will be banned.

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