Google camera 7.5 new updates will allow users to save photos in separate folders. Besides, it also includes the file naming scheme feature. Google Pixel smartphones' latest versions of "Camera 7.5" had been spotted leaking hints for the Pixel 5 (redfin0 and Pixel 4a 5G (bramble), together with suggestions for new features such as expanded social share, audio zoom, and more camera modes. 

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The camera app's new version will also no longer save portrait photos in a separate folder, and will also change the file naming scheme for portrait pictures.

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The new name scheme will change the prefix "IMG," which is currently used by most smartphones for their cameras, to the new designation "PXL," followed by time and date based on the place the photo was taken. It will be applied to all videos and pictures, including Night Sight Clicks, Motion Photos, and portraits.

The pictures will now begin with the same prefix and have different suffixes. However, the side effect of the changes will include motion photos right alongside the other images.

Why most people will appreciate Google camera 7.5's changes

Google's update will stop the camera app's behavior of saving captured images into their own folders. Older versions of Google camera will save the users' pictures inside individual folders within the Camera directory/DCIM.

This is considered an issue since it forces people to check each individual folder before finding the images they're looking for. Pictures are also not in chronological order, making a messy situation for the users who have multiple devices, and those who used a convenient solution for online backups.

Most Google users will appreciate the change since their images will now be saved under the DCIM/Camera folder, under the new naming scheme. Although the photos issues can still be fixed without the latest naming scheme, both will still be provided as a combination update. You can also try it out currently if you have Android 11 since the update is side loadable on betas.

Other Camera 7.5 changes include Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, HDR+ with dual exposure controls, Google Lens Suggestions, Playground, and Top Shot.

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