What did Apple do right this time? With the iPhone 12 lineup approaching, a recent research made by Omdia shows that the iPhone was the single most shipped smartphone for the first half of this year. Other iPhone models are also seen within the top 10 smartphones global ranking.

This success by the iPhone 11 easily follows the previous success of the iPhone XR that topped last year and ranked first on the global shipments of smartphones in 2019. However, Omdia research also notes that Apple was able to ship about 37.7 million iPhone 11s this current year which is about 10.8 million in addition to the iPhone XR units that were shipped last year.

Selling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the whole COVID-19 pandemic, it is seen that iPhone sales have drastically remained strong this currency year. Most of the sales go to the iPhone 11 that brings in newer features and improvements while also costing just $50 less compared to its own predecessor.

The other iPhone models that were able to place in the top 10 rankings also include the new 2020 issue of the iPhone SE but only in 5th place. The previous iPhone XR was still able to hit the sixth place while the iPhone 11 Pro Max ranked in 7th place. It's not even over just yet, the iPhone Pro was still able to hit the tenth place.

This means that out of the best-selling smartphones this 2020, Apple has managed to bring in five of their phones to their list. The other ranking smartphones also include Samsung's very own Galaxy A51 along with the different Redmi models that were from Xiaomi.

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Apple sales dominate the market

The brand new iPhone SE 2020 issue certainly boosted Apple's solid results in 2020 as a sort of entry-level phone that managed to gain 8.7 million units that were shipped in the first half of 2020. The shipments however for the iPhone Pro Max and the iPhone 11 Pro have been declining in comparison to the previous iPhone XS and also the iPhone XS Max the previous year.

Despite this, the rankings have still improved for both of the models achieving 6.7 million units and 7.7 million units respectively in shipping.

Apple is also expected to drop an introduction regarding four of their new iPhone models this year that includes OLED displays, a brand new design, and also 5G connectivity.  A much recent report by Bloomberg also mentions that the company is quite ready to deliver all the way up to 75 million units of the upcoming new iPhones.

Although the official announcement for the iPhone 12 has not yet surfaced, the amounts of rumors have already given bystanders a good picture suggesting the next generation of Apple's cutting edge smartphones might hit the stores sometime in October. Stay tuned for more information about the iPhone 12.

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