An unidentified EasyJet pilot is now being ridiculed by netizens online after his viral video was released by one of his passengers named 'Nick.' The passenger who captured the video described his plane experience as 'insulting and terrifying.' This was after he was 'ambushed' to wear his face mask despite his chronic asthma condition.

BBC exclusive video of a man being 'bullied' to wear a mask

The video above went trending after the BBC posted the story to their page. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, a man named 'Nick' exclusively narrated on BBC his 'terrifying' experience as a passenger in one of EasyJet airlines' flights. 

Nick currently has chronic asthma. Due to that, he made himself exempted from wearing any face masks by printing signage saying that "I am exempt from wearing any face covering."

In the United Kingdom, this is legal. According to the government's page:

"Those who have an age, health, or disability reason for not wearing a face-covering should not be routinely asked to give any written evidence of this, this includes exemption cards. No person needs to seek advice or request a letter from a medical professional about their reason for not wearing a face covering."

When he sits on his seat in the plane, he was asked by the staff to wear his covering. He told them about his condition and how the British government allows people with legitimate health conditions like asthma to no longer wear a mask.

Nick's flight was already under a 30-minute delay since staff and other passengers require him to wear his face mask, which he still insisted that he can't wear due to his condition.

The EasyJet pilot suddenly appeared, and the man was said to be 'ambushed' to wear his face mask until the flight lands.

Based on Nick's video, the unnamed pilot counted him up to two seconds to wear covering or else he will be forced to get out of the airplane.

"Last chance. You have two seconds to grab this [mask] and put in on, or you're off," the pilot says in the video.

"It's like a steel belt round my chest"

In order to avoid more conflict, Nick decided to follow the pilot and wear his mask throughout the flight.

"I would do anything to avoid wearing anything that restricts my breathing," he added. "That's more terrifying than being insulted by 100 passengers, but eventually I felt like I had no choice."

"Whether it's a polo neck or a scarf round your face, the sensation is stifling. I just find it increasingly difficult to breathe," he said, according to the BBC.

He described his experience wearing a mask "like a steel belt round my chest."

EasyJet releases apology statement

Since the video circulated, EasyJet immediately apologized to the passenger and all affected by the video.

They explained that the airline policies were not updated with the United Kingdom's regulations at the time. Therefore, from now on, customers are now allowed to provide a relevant exemption document, just in case they have the same condition. 

"We are sorry that this new policy was not recognized by the crew on this occasion," the spokesman said, adding: "We cannot tolerate disruptive behavior towards our crew." 

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