A recent post on Twitter showed a certain cancer patient by the name of Jonah DeToro from Wisconson, USA, without hair and plugged to a machine in a hospital bed smiling while holding something completely unexpected.

The Tweet said that there was no better way for him to fight than simply having the new Travis Scott Meal from McDonald's. The Tweet used the hashtag #TravisScottmeal. What was really heartfelt was that he said there was no better way for him to fight cancer on his own birthday. The tweet tagged Travis Scott himself via his Twitter name @trvisXX.

Jonah's parent

Another tweet directed to Travis Scott is a tweet by Alexandra DeToro addressing Travis and explaining that Jonah was her son and that Travis Scott was both her son and her hero. She gave the inspiring message that Jonah was battling with cancer and that he was winning!

Alexandra's tweet also said that Jonah will be able to get up and dance once again to a number of Travis Scott songs at maybe one of his upcoming concerts soon. Alexandra detailed that they are working with an oncology nutritionist and that giving Jonah a few treats on his own birthday is perfectly fine.

Travis Scott's response

This heartwarming reaching out to Travis did not fall in vain as Travis also reached out to both of them with a message saying that Jonah was the real hero in the story. Travis also said that if being able to make Jonah's day much better makes him happy as well.

Travis even ended the Tweet with a promise of getting "something up there" to Jonah. It is quite rare for celebrities to respond to certain tweets and due to this, Jonah has also been receiving positive comments and a collection of inspirational messages.

Jonah's post on Twitter already has over 10 thousand retweets, 1.1 thousand quote tweets, 185 thousand likes. This is an impressive amount of attention for a single post on Twitter. Jonah's post has started to gain even more attention as the number of people following the story is growing with every retweet.

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What is the Travis Scott meal?

The Travis Scott Meal is something that recently came out and although it was first another marketing stunt or additional product, because of Jonah's story, it is now the iconic meal that made this cancer patient's birthday a little bit better.

The popular "Astroworld" rapper recently teamed up with McDonald's just this month to release the new Travis Scott meal that costs just $6 and is a combination of Scott's personal favorite McDonald's order. The meal includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese, a decent medium fries along with BBQ sauce, and also a Sprite with even more ice. This is how the Travis Scott meal should be like, Sprite with extra ice.

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