The viral TikTok video about a dinosaur joke changed the life of Eliza Petersen, the woman behind the funny pun.

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"I'm so beyond overwhelmed with all of the love that people have given to me," said Petersen.

"I literally owe my life to a dinosaur pun," she added.

The viral dinosaur pun is about how the ancient creatures were wiped off. Eliza Petersen wrote her own scripts and acted like God and an angel.

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The pun started with God asking the angel if she already gave the dinosaurs more muscle like as instructed. The angel was confused since the word meatier and meteor sounds the same.

God repeated what he said and told the angel to make them meatier.

"Make them a meteor," replied the confused angel.

The joke implies that the prehistoric reptiles died because the angel made the meteor, which wiped off their race, instead of making them meatier. Petersen said that she appreciated the viewers' support because she has been around with dinosaurs for a long time.

How the dinosaur pun greatly affected the life of Eliza Petersen

The dinosaur pun currently has nearly 10 million views on TikTok. Petersen, who has volunteered at the Natural History Museum of Utah's paleontology department for five years, said that her father informed her that the video received a million views just after a day it was posted.

She explained that the meteor versus meatier joke was told by her father way back in the 80s. The viral pun reminded her of another passion, which is acting.

Petersen was shocked after some of the actors, producers, and writers she admires commented, saying that the video was awesome. The popular individuals who praised her work include "Blade Runner 2049" writer Michael Green, TikTok creator Alissa Violet, and actor Christy Carlson Romano.

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