The Different Types of PPE You Should Know About
(Photo : The Different Types of PPE You Should Know About )

With the global pandemics and industrial hazards, there is a lot at stake, and you can never compromise on your safety. On most occasions, you might encounter falling objects, hazardous fumes, or come across corrosive chemicals. You should also be conscious of the prevention and control measures, harmful materials, hand hygiene, and the right personal protective equipment to use in different environments. 

Here are some types of PPE that you should be aware of, that will help avert injuries.

Respiratory PPE

It's no luxury having to wear a mask, but it will shield you from hazardous fumes. Studies show that 20% of the European Union workers inhale dust, powder, smoke, and vapor. Several types of face masks and mask experts from DMBSupply would advise anyone to review KN95 masks and three-ply face masks before purchasing. Dust masks will protect you from harmful dust particles, and in most cases, experts recommend using full face masks.  

Head PPE

Head protection shields you from swinging or falling objects. Head PPEs are also designed to protect you from knocking stationary objects when you move around. Some of the head PPEs include guards, bump caps, hard hats, and helmets. You might need a helmet during sports activities such as Formula 1 or bicycle riding and some workplaces such as construction and manufacturing companies. 

Arm and Hand Protection

The arm and hand protection comes in several forms. You will find them in the form of wrist cuff armlets, gauntlets, or gloves. Hand and arm protection are ideal when working in a hot or cold environment, when operating in chemical plants, in construction plants, or when working using vibrating equipment such as chainsaws and pneumatic drills. There are several types of gloves, such as neoprene, nitrile, latex, vinyl, and polythene gloves.  

Hearing PPE

Workers also need protection from loud noise. You might find yourself in an area with giant machines such as drills and jackhammers that produce excessive noise, and hearing protection might come in handy. Also, you will find motorcycle couriers, nightclub workers, and airport staff workers with hearing PPEs. At a high frequency, noise can damage your eardrum; thus, it's essential to protect your ears. 

Feet Protection

On most occasions, you might want to protect your feet from falling objects. There are several types of safety shoes, such as type Sb, S1, and S2. Also, we have safety boots that include type S4 and S5 that are perfect when one works around heavy loads. Shoes can also be fitted with an anti-skid sole useful when one is in a damp or skidding environment. It's important to note that most of the industrial accident's area is a result of sliding or tripping, which can be avoided by using the anti-skid soles. Experts would recommend shoe claws and some special socks that offer unique comfort when working on slippery grounds. 

Height protection

Height protection PPEs include energy absorbers, rescue, lifting, lowering harnesses, and fall arrest systems. The PPEs need regular inspection since they prevent accidents, especially among workers who work at height. 

Safety is imperative in any working environment, and as such, you should enlighten yourself on the various types of PPEs. These PPEs will prevent the occurrence of accidents; therefore, consider purchasing them from trusted suppliers.

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