Sad to say, Epic Games' Fortnite will no longer join the Apple App Store, possibly until the end of the year. In the recent court trial of Apple vs. Epic, the judge rules that Epic Games did not provide sufficient evidence to support their claims against the tech giant. Therefore, the US court cannot support its arguments, forcing Fortnite app out of the box.

Sorry, Fortnite players!

Fortnite Won't Return to Apple App Store in Months if they Don't do this
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A selection of "Fortnite" action figures are seen on a display at the annual "Toy Fair" at Olympia London on January 22, 2019 in London, England. The Toy Fair is the UK’s largest dedicated game and hobby event and aims to showcase the most anticipated products for the year ahead.

Here's a bad news to all iPhone users that are players of the popular battle-royale game, Fortnite. In the recent court trial between two parties, the US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers rules that the Epic Games has lost the battle on this round.

As reported before, Epic Games demands on court to force Apple company of reinstating their game to the App Store. The gaming company argues that a lot of players and consumers of Apple will be affected with the said changes, once remained the same.

Therefore, claiming that Fortnite should return to its position, said on MacRumors.

Unfortunately, Judge Rogers believed that "Epic Games bears the burden in asking for such extraordinary relief." Finalizing what most Fortnite players are worried that'll happen: Fortnite will not be available on iPhones or iPads for months.

Apple, in return, argues that Fortnite will have to remove their in-app payment system, in order to return to their system.

Though it seemed like the court sided on Apple, the tech company still has the responsibility to maintain good relationship with Epic's Unreal Engine, which at first was at the middle of being removed from the App Store.

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Here's the excerpt from the newest court ruling via Slashgear:

Epic Games has strong arguments regarding Apple's exclusive distribution through the iOS App Store, and the in-app purchase ("IAP") system through which Apple takes 30% of certain IAP payments. However, given the limited record, Epic Games has not sufficiently addressed Apple's counter arguments. The equities, addressed in the temporary restraining order [from September], remain the same.

What will happen now to Fortnite?

Fortnite Won't Return to Apple App Store in Months if they Don't do this
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Since the court denies the requests of Epic, the battle-royale game will no longer be available on iPhone or iPad devices for at least more than a month.

This means, if you want to play the game, you need to download it on Android phones.

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