Holding Hands
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Japan's Gifu University develops a "girlfriend experience" for late-night walks and romantic strolls without the actual human person, but a realistic robotic hand that would hold one's hand throughout. The prototype shows that the hand would swivel back and forth, mimicking the actual human hand's movement when walking and would be that of a woman's.

Japan's Gifu University: 'Osampo Kanojo' Robot

Gifu University Osampo Kanojo
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The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, is famous for its wild inventions and bizarre creations that would seem comical or jokingly at first. However, the Japanese are creating these robots in real-life, offering a variety of experiences for the human needs with the likes of having an actual companion that can be packed in one's bag.

Japan's Gifu University from the Gifu Prefecture currently develops the "Osampo Kanojo," with the literal English translation of "My Girlfriend in Walk" that shows only a cybernetic hand that gives a lasting girlfriend experience. The Japanese "girlfriend hand" would attach to one's forearm that has an area so that it can swivel or move while walking.

According to CNet, the hand can be set at a warm temperature, mimicking that of a real and live woman's hand and the texture that is a dead-match copy of the skin, as translated in the PDF document. The hand would hold as long as the person clasp to it and would squeeze if a person exceeds extra force on holding the robot.

The cybernetic hand offers more features than expected to complete the girlfriend experience and give the user the presence of a real-life woman. The hand would not leave the person despite breaking free from holding it, as it will attach to one's forearm with a strap that would contain the bracket to which it would move in.

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My Girlfriend in Walk: What are its Features for its Buyers?

Holding Hands
(Photo : Unsplash)

The "Osampo Kanojo" hand would be more than just a hand to hold onto when walking and strolling around the streets during a cold, lonely night. Gifu University's design promises a complete experience, just like having a girlfriend in real-life.


  • Fragrance: A cloth inside the hand would vent out the smell of a woman's shampoo.
  • Sound: The hand would have a small speaker that would let a person hear his girlfriend's breathing, actual footsteps while strolling, and the sound the clothes make when hit by wind, all controlled through a smartphone application.
  • Warm and "Sweaty Hands" - Gifu University mimics the hand to resemble a live woman's hand, making it warm and full of life. Additionally, a cloth can be applied with water and inserted through the gel, then would release the "sweat" through the pores of the robot's "skin."

Japan's Gifu University also created a "gel" that mimics the human skin, further completing the experience of holding a real-life girlfriend right at one's side. The "girlfriend" could never leave the person and would always be there for him.

According to Sora News 24, the creators say that this hand also doubles as a "comforting tool" for people during this coronavirus pandemic, where everyone is discouraged from making physical contact with another human being. The "Osampo Kanojo" would not only provide the "Girlfriend Experience" but a universal companionship for everyone.

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