Video Game company Capcom is hit with one of 2020's nastiest cyber attacks with the ransomware identified as "Ragnar Locker," taking a massive one terabyte-worth of company files and threatening public sale or exposure. The group has not yet been identified, and the files remain unknown, but the games company assures that it is not the user or game data.

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The attack has compromised Capcom's headquarters worldwide, including Japan, the United States, and Canada HQs. The attackers claim to have taken a massive 1TB worth of confidential company files from Capcom using the ransomware "Ragnar Locker" that siphoned the data.

Capcom is known for developing massive game franchises of the early 1990s and the present with "Street Fighter," "Resident Evil," "Megaman," and etc. The Japanese games developers still have no idea who is behind the attack and are currently investigating the matter. Capcom is limitedly disclosing several information about the ransomware.

Recently, Capcom revealed that the attack happened as early as November 2, leading to a massive halt of several operations and its internal networks. The breach came from unauthorized third-party entities that are now considered hackers and evil beings.

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'Ragnar Locker' Ransomware: Behind Capcom's November Attack

According to Bleeping Computer, a massive 1 TB of company files were seized by the hackers and are now in possession of the anonymous group that is still unknown. Capcom's confirmation yesterday shows that its email and file servers were taken over by the hackers and exploited confidential information.


According to Twitter user панкак3 (@pancak3lullz), he confirms that the malware injected into Capcom's system is the so-called "Ragnar Locker" which infected the company's systems and shut down almost half its operations. Additionally, the user is "confident" that Capcom was hit with the said ransomware because it generated a ransom note directed to the Japanese company.

Moreover, Ragnar Locker's website already contains several of the files from Capcom's database infected by the ransomware. According to панкак3, he has discovered that Ragnar's website already holds the files and are in a minimal public display as of the moment.

Ragnar Locker's Ransom Note: Containing Screenshots of Capcom's Files

Bleeping Computer found the ransom note and retracted the information from Ragnar's website that contains several screenshots of the company's bank documents, emails, audit reports, and more sensitive data. The ransom note reads:

"We have BREACHED your security perimeter and get access to every server of company's Network in different offices located in Japan, USA, Canada. So we has DOWNLOADED more than 1TB total volume of your PRIVATE SENSITIVE Data..."

(Photo : Capcom)

Capcom remains silent regarding all the information behind the attack, not confirming the amount sought after by the malicious entities that planted the malware in the company's systems. The Japanese company also did not reveal how the ransomware was delivered to the company and opened its servers and database.

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