Elon Musk was recently approached on Twitter by a neuroscientist with a couple of concerns about Neuralink brain chip. Temperature plays an important role in technology as overheating can signify the machines being overworked.

What could happen if the Neuralink chips would be overclocked?

One particular Amy Eskridge on Twitter, an engineer turned chemist who then became a neuroscientist and is now working as a theoretical physicist asked Elon Musk if he had considered the possible heat transfer problem that could result from the overclocking happening in the brain. She then stated that most likely, this has already been thought of and continued to share her thoughts.

Amy believed that the depositing of the amyloid plaques could be used to counter CNS heating through letting the amyloid protein absorb the heat. She however stated that this was a "suboptimal strategy" due to the denature protein that was accumulated as the plaques. Plaques were said to have unintended harmful consequences directly to diseases meaning heat generated from the multithreading brain processing will most likely produce unexpected plaques.

Neuralink concerns over potential CSF leak

It was then stated that another problem would be a Cerebrospinal Fluid Link (CSF) leak. This would mean that increased electrical activity would lead to the CSF production increase to absorb heat into the fluid. Amy then stated that the sustained electrical activity working over the baseline could result in sustained pressure.

The sustained increase in intracranial hypertension coming from the nontranscient increase in the electrical activity was also said to eventually require the actual fluids to be drained in order to remove the pressure from the brain's stem. Amy then stated that these are the two examples of the very current default mechanisms by which the actual human brain is able to dissipate certain undesirable heat spikes from the increased CNS electric activity. It was also stated that despite the increase of electrical conduction being desirable, it will still provoke some undesirable reactions that are said to still need mitigation.

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Elon Musk addresses these concerns: the chip is already designed to maintain a safe temperature

Elon Musk then replied with a simple analogy saying Neuralink won't actually overclock the brain and it will only transfer the processing towards the supercomputer extension of the human brain. He then stated that it is basically what is being done when using either a smartphone or a computer but the difference is that Neuralink will actually have orders of certain magnitude with much faster inputs and outputs.

When asked by another Twitter user Vasu Thinks @Vasu42698392 regarding the possibility of side effects when the Neuralink chip becomes heated, Elon Musk simply replied that the chip already has its own temperature sensor and is also built to automatically maintain a safe temperature itself. 


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