TruthFinder is an online web service that claims to provide you with an in-depth background check on any person. However, people who have never used TruthFinder wonder 'Is TruthFinder legit?'

Through the TruthFinder review here, you will be able to find out what exactly TruthFinder does and how well it does it. TruthFinder reviews provided here cover each and every important aspect of the service.

What is TruthFinder?

Before we get into details about whether or not you should use TruthFinder, let's understand what exactly is TruthFinder and what it does.

TruthFinder is a people search service through which you can find personal information about any person by searching for them in its search engine. The searches are as simple as Google search, since you just have to enter the search query and click on the Search button.

In return, you get a range of information about the person, which can include:

  • Name, address, date of birth, and more

  • People in their circle

  • Vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates.)

  • Criminal History

  • Traffic Records

  • Educational Background

  • Owned Assets

  • Social Media Profiles

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Part 1: Is TruthFinder Legit, Free And Safe?

Let us start by answering all the important questions you have about TruthFinder right away:

1.1 Is TruthFinder Legit

Yes, TruthFinder is a completely legal background check service. However, there are restrictions on how you can use the information that TruthFinder provides you. When you are using the service, TruthFinder will provide you with pointers on how you cannot use the information.

1.2 Is TruthFinder Free

No, TruthFinder is not a free background check service. When you are searching for a  person using TruthFinder, you will need to get the monthly subscription plan in order to use the service. The pricing plans of TruthFinder can be found later in this article.

1.3 Is TruthFinder Safe

Yes, TruthFinder is indeed safe to use. Doing a background check through TruthFinder ensures complete anonymity. The person you are searching for will never find out that you did a background check on them.

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Part 2: How TruthFinder Operates?

As mentioned earlier, TruthFinder provides you with multiple ways to search for a person. These include:

People Search:

Enter the first name, last name, and state of residence (optional) of the person to view their report.

Reverse Phone Lookup:

Enter the phone number and find out who owns that phone number, along with the option to get a detailed background report on the person.

Email Search:

Search for a person through their email address. Find their social media profiles online and even the information present on the dark web related to that email.

Directory Search:

TruthFinder also has a directory interface through which you can find the person alphabetically, by navigating through the directory.

All of these ways can provide you with multiple search results that match your search query. You can narrow down the profile by additional filters, or through the profile overview of each search result.

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Where Does the Information Come From?

TruthFinder is linked to several public records databases globally. When you search for a person, TruthFinder begins to look up for that person on those databases.

Once all the matching results are found in these records, a report is compiled that contains information on every matching query. You can then choose the exact profile from the information overview.

When you choose the profile, TruthFinder collects additional details on the profile such as their criminal records, Traffic records, and more in-depth background information.

TruthFinder Pros

  • Information covers a wide area, from educational background to criminal history

  • Different ways to search for a person (such as name, phone number, etc.)

  • High accuracy of information as compared to other options

  • Provides in-depth information that general search engines will not provide

  • Provides you with the social media profiles of a person

  • Unlimited number of background checks with complete anonymity

  • Clear description of what you can and cannot do with the information you see

TruthFinder Cons

  • Doing a background check through TruthFinder is not free

  • Monthly membership is compulsory, you can't pay for a single report

  • Too much marketing tactics such as shock factor technique

  • Search seems to take too long (around ten to twenty minutes)

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Part 3: What TruthFinder Does Right

TruthFinder is quite a good background check service in many regards. Some of the things that you will love about TruthFinder include:


TruthFinder has a simple search engine interface. There are no forms to fill and no guides to read. You simply enter your search query and click on the search button, just like a Google search.


TruthFinder provides the entire report with all the available information at a single place. You don't have to visit various platforms to get the information about an individual.


TruthFinder uses the public records of government sources. Therefore, the information provided by the service is more accurate than other alternatives that you can think of.


TruthFinder clearly explains the use cases of the information that you receive on a person through the platform. You also find out what you cannot use the information for. Therefore, it keeps things completely clear and legal for you.

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Part 4: What TruthFinder Does Wrong

While TruthFinder has a lot of benefits to it, there are also some shortcomings of the platform. Some of these include:

Long Search Time:

It takes quite some time for the platform to find out the information on the person you are looking for. While it is understandable that it has to go through a lot of records, the time taken to search still seems a little unreasonable.

Marketing Gimmicks:

TruthFinder uses a lot of gimmicks and scare tactics to lure you into buying a subscription plan for the service. For example, you will often get the message that the person you are searching for might be on the government watchlist. This is shown even if it isn't true.

Mandatory Subscription:

In order to access the report you are searching for at TruthFinder, it is necessary to buy the monthly subscription. This will not be shown earlier when you are doing a search, but at a later time when you have already spent a lot of time waiting for the report.

Part 5: How Much Does TruthFinder Cost?

TruthFinder's pricing plans are based on a monthly basis. If you pay for a number of months in advance, you are given discounts on the subscription.

A one-month subscription plan for TruthFinder costs about $28 per month. If you are paying for two months in advance, it will cost you $23 per month ($46 to be paid in advance).

Once you have the subscription plan, you can do as many background searches per month as you require. You can also do unlimited reverse phone lookups in this subscription plan.

In order to save the background check reports on your system as a PDF file, $2 per report is charged.

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Part 6: TruthFinder Alternatives

If you don't think TruthFinder is proper for you, you can check the following alternatives for TruthFinder.


TruthFinder is a good background check service, provided you use it after knowing the little setbacks of the platform. For example, many people who try TruthFinder are shocked to find out that they will have to pay after they have already spent twenty minutes looking for someone.

If you use the service with this mindset, it can lead to a bitter disappointment. Therefore, try the service after knowing what to expect and what to not.

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