The Boring Company has been approved to further the reach of its underground tunnel with Tesla autonomous electric vehicles for a massive 10-mile long project that would soon connect the city's casinos. The project would still be called the "Vegas Loop," however, it would now stretch to almost the entire city's heart and the busiest area of Las Vegas. Nonetheless, the project still needs to seek approval from another county for the project to push through.

The tunnel-making and transportation system company, The Boring Company, headed by Elon Musk, would soon have a major remodeling of a new Vegas Loop that will go alongside the convention center's initial project. The company's initial plans of tunneling throughout the city were recently approved by the Las Vegas City Council. 

According to Las Vegas Nevada's blog post, the vote was unanimous and was in favor of Elon Musk's plans of providing the city with an alternative transportation system via a fleet of Tesla self-driving vehicles underground. The project would connect the original Vegas Loop from the airport to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA), now to the casino network scattered all over the city.

The company's initiative is beneficial for Las Vegas because of its busy streets that could experience unpleasant traffic conditions especially on peak holidays or rush hours. The Boring Company's partnership with sister-company, Tesla, would equip the tunnels with its popular electric vehicles, which would drastically fasten the tunnel's creation without the worry for railways and train technology.

Moreover, the fleet of Tesla vehicles could effectively transport people to different locations rather than waiting for a train to make its stops at every station it would pass through. The Boring Company's 10-mile long tunnel system project would extend from McCarran Airport to Fremont Street where almost all the city's prime resorts and casinos are located. 

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The Boring Company: Needs Other County's Approval Too

The city council's approval is a massive requirement and hurdle which The Boring Company has already accomplished, however, that is not there all is to it. The company would have to get another county's approval for the project to push through and have its full-scale construction underneath the city. 

According to Bloomberg, Clark County is another body which approval is needed for the project to continue and stretch its reach towards farther places from the original Vegas Loop. However, the county's authorities would review The Boring Company's application by February and there is no telling whether they would be in favor of the extension.

The Vegas Loop would total to a massive 15-mile tunnel underneath the area, with 5 miles right in the City of Vegas and 10 miles in Clark County, if the project gets approved and built. The massive network underneath the city would be focused on speeding up the transportation process, which would normally take hours to drive around the bustling city.

On the other hand, the original Vegas Loop from the airport to the Las Vegas Convention Center would open by January, allowing people to enjoy a rapid journey towards a place near the city's prime locations. The Loop would have debuted at next year's CES, but the coronavirus pandemic set the event for a virtual tour and launch. 

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