"Dungeons and Dragons" remain to be one of the most popular board games in the world that is dominated by video games on consoles and computer systems, but despite that, its gameplay also changes throughout the years, giving "D&D" fans a new gaming experience.

'Dungeons and Dragons' Feats 5e

Among the elements of a "Dungeons and Dragons" game are the feats, which are the optional rules that could allow players to customize their characters more.

However, using some feats could offer a more unique combat mechanic that can change the way you play "D&D," and with that, here are some of the best feats you can use in combat based on your character class, thanks to ScreenRant.

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The Best 'D&D' Feats 5e for Combat Ranked 

Perhaps one of the best "Dungeons and Dragons" feats is the Great Weapon Master.

The Great Weapon Master is not just the strongest feats in the game, it's also one of the most popular, so it won't be a surprise if you're already using this for your matches.

Basically, the Great Weapon Master allows a player to take an extra turn if they defeat a creature using a melee weapon, plus "D&D" fans can also choose to get the minus five penalty on a melee attack if they have a heavy weapon to get an additional 10 damage, making it work pretty well with martial classes.

Low armor classes can get a significant damage boost whenever they use this feat to beat monsters.

If your character is either a Fighter or a Ranger that uses ranged weapons, the best feat you can use is the Sharpshooter feat that includes a plus 10 damage.

If you're the spellcaster, you'll want to use the War Caster feat as it's one of the strongest choices for this class, and according to CBR, this feat helps spellcasters become viable in melee.

With the feat, players get an advantage on constitution saves that can help maintain their concentration, which would then apply to some of the best and strongest spells in the entire "Dungeons and Dragons" game.

Furthermore, the feat also allows spellcasters to cast a spell as an opportunity attack so they can deal more damages. Hybrid classes such as Hexblade Warlocks and Bards can use the most out of this feat.

The Best 'Tank' Feats 5e and the Worst Feats 5e

If your gameplay is heavy on defense, the Sentinel feat is the best option.

Players using the Sentinel feat can cast an opportunity attack against the enemy, and once they do, the speed of the enemy turns to zero, which stops them from their tracks, which is why it's often described as the best "tanks" as the enemy is unable to go past them.

Sentinel feat can also be used as a great support for other party members since they can use their reaction to attack a monster that attacks a nearby party member.

Some feats appear powerful, but can't really be used for combats, including the Linguist feat and the Ritual Casting feat that helps a player keep a list of spells that they could cast without needing a spell slot, but unfortunately, it takes 10 minutes to cast a spell, making it useless in battle.

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