JetPack Aviation and Gravity Industries are looking into jetpack technology for next-generation vehicles and transportation, and an early investor for Tesla and SpaceX has shown interest and invested in the venture. The project has been going on developments as initial prototypes show a breakthrough in flying a sole person but to sustain it is a massive factor.

Transportation is one of the fast-growing industries in the country and the world this 2020, as logistics and going different places are a must, especially as the COVID-19 lockdown restricted people from going out. Public transportation was also stopped to stem the virus' transmission, along with the shipment of different products from various places.

Tesla and SpaceX's stocks grew massively this pandemic, as innovative technologies and the need for sustainable modes of transportation like electric vehicles and reusable spacecraft, took over the industry. The world's technology and demand are continuously evolving as EVs and next-generation spacecraft have already penetrated the market and public's interest.

According to CNBC's report, a new breed of transportation mode has been the subject of a significant investment by a famed venture capitalist for Tesla and SpaceX, Tim Draper. The investment in jetpack technology, particularly the vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft largely hints that the next trend would be on the personal human flight.

The famous investor was considered a visionary as his early investment in Tesla's formative years have certainly paid off this year, as the clean energy company's stocks skyrocketed this 2020. Draper believes that the so-called "mobility trend" would move to jetpack technology during the modern-day 20s decade.

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Jetpack Technology: Would it Skyrocket as it Promises?

One of the human race's wildest dream is to fly among the skies on their own, without having to ride aircraft in the form of traveling with planes and jumping off to skydive. Jetpacks were one of the earliest sci-fi technologies which fascinated the adventurous people, wanting to put rocket boosters on a pack to enable human flight.

The innovations for human flight and jetpack technology have been mostly in the background, as prototypes that show promising technology are nowhere near their perfect state. However, the technology was never gone and is continuously under development, with JetPack Aviation and Gravity Industries solely dedicating themselves to VTOL flights.

It is still early to say whether the jetpacks would become a hit or fail miserably in the coming years. The technologies innovated by these companies need time and more resources to spend, to perfect the tech and produce an actual device that can allow anyone to fly and go to various places.

Who is JetPack Aviation and Gravity Industries

JetPack Aviation has been creating their designs and innovations for more than ten years, and have solely dedicated the company to creating transportation technology to save lives and prevent further harm. From jetpack propulsion tech, the company has shifted its focus to "flying motorcycles," a.k.a the Speeder, which is intended for paramedics and the military.

On the other hand, Gravity Industries are famous for innovating an "Iron Man" inspired jetpack technology to fly people using its hand-thrusters to propel people off the ground. The 2017 company headed by Englishman Richard Browning, has already made a flying suit that can be used for different purposes.

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