In a TikTok video, a pro traveler gave useful travel tips that could save people huge amounts when booking trips. However, most of the comments are not about the hacks he gave, but on how he work his face mask.

Back in November, TikTok user @KingCredit shared the video showing him on one of his flights. He was just sitting on his plane seat wearing his mask and then The Tech Thieves' "Fake" played on the background.

Pro Traveller Gives Useful Travel Hacks in TikTok, But People Only Noticed How He Wore His Face Mask
(Photo : KingCredit/TikTok)
Pro Traveller Gives Useful Travel Hacks in TikTok, But People Only Noticed How He Wore His Face Mask

4 useful travel hacks to save on booking flights

In the video, @KIngCredit shared four travel tips, which he claimed that 99% of people do not know about, but will surely save serious bucks on airfare.

1. Book flights on a Monday. The video showed that flights are cheaper from midnight of Monday until 9pm of Tuesday while it is the fare is higher between Thursday midnight until 12 p.m. on Saturday. This is mainly because the demand is higher towards the weekend since more people want to take a break after a week's work.

2. Use incognito mode. People who hunt for cheaper airfare tend to repeatedly search for flights, but the "travel guru" said it would prompt the airlines to automatically increase the fare cost. To use the incognito mode, just click on the three dots beside the browser's URL field and choose "new incognito window" or just press Ctrl+Shift+N (Widows) and Command+Shift +N. A new window will open, which will allow users to browse in private.

Incognito screen
(Photo : Own work)
Incognito screen

3. Book early and save. Know when to book. Prices on domestic flights are lowest five weeks before departure and 2.5 months for international flights

4. Use VPN to save big. The video is specific in advising to "use VPN from another country when booking flights." Using a VPN tricks the website and hides users' identities, particularly their locations. Aside from protecting themselves from harmful threats online, it also allows users to save some money when booking flights. Try browsing flights with IPs set from low-income countries or in the country where the airline originated to see the difference.

Please take note however that this does not cover holidays and other high peak seasons.

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How did people react?

After more than a month, the video has already been viewed for 9 million times, more than 801,700 likes, 3,523 comments. While most comments find the video useful and some attest the hacks really work, surprisingly, there are some people who bashed @KingCredit, not for the tips he gave, but with how he wore his face mask.

@kingcredit Travel Hacks from a pro Travel Hacker ️ ♬ Fake - The Tech Thieves

The TikTok influencer who currently has 683,000 followers and 6 million likes is wearing a surgical mask throughout the video. The problem is that the mask only covers his mouth while his nose is left exposed.

In her comment, TikTok user Lauren Alyssa Yellen said: "No one should listen to anyone that can't wear their mask properly." Another user said that "we've been in the pandemic since March," so @KingCredit should already know how to properly wear a face mask y now. Meanwhile, another user commented that some people are not aware that the nose is also a part of the respiratory system.

Pro Traveller Gives Useful Travel Hacks in TikTok, But People Only Noticed How He Wore His Face Mask
(Photo : CDC)
Pro Traveller Gives Useful Travel Hacks in TikTok, But People Only Noticed How He Wore His Face Mask

There are also comments from doctors and nurses who are apparently tired of COVID asking him to fix his mask. While the TikTok creator seemed to be quite defensive at first, the comments section is flooded by comments for his mask with some noticing he is on a first class flight with about six feet away from the next passenger. They still thanked him for the informative video.

According to a CDC guide, the face mask should cover both the nose and mouth while it should also be secured under the chin and fit comfortably on the sides of the face.

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