New Console Alert: The Raspberry Pi SNES Controller That Has Its Own Screen! Why Isn't It for Sale?
(Photo : Screenshot From Restore Technique YouTube) New Console Alert: The Raspberry Pi SNES Controller That Has Its Own Screen! Why Isn't It for Sale?

The entire Raspberry Pi retrogaming community has definitely come up with a lot of hard work over the course of the previous few years in order to master the classic portable handheld. A particular SNES controller RetroPie rig was created by a specific someone that could bring retro gaming into its ultimate perfected form.

Raspberry Pi controller setup

According to an article by Tom's Hardware, the person responsible for this innovation is Josh from the Restore Technique who was able to bring in a really sweet SNES controller RetroPie rig that supposedly brings out the best of retro gaming in general. Image the classical retro SNES controller but this time, with its own screen!

For this particular project, Josh from Restore Technique decided to use the actual SNES controller as the birthplace of a new console rig. Inside the particular Raspberry Pi, this powered the display and also the running of a special edition of the RetroPie console!

What is the best controller to use with RetroPie? 

The video was uploaded to YouTube which referred to this console as a "super Nintendo" which is also one way of looking at this particular controller rig. The good thing about this video is that it shows the entire process of how Josh did it and can serve as a guide to those brave enough to try to make their own.

The main reason that it is not for sale is due to it actually being a controlled rig and not something that you can get off of the shelves just anywhere. This means that for those interested in getting this console, they will have to build it from start to finish by themselves. Although some people are more accustomed to making their own rigs and playing with electronics, some people may not be that familiar.

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How do I configure my Raspberry PI controller? 

Due to the Pi needing to fit completely inside a smaller SNES controller, a particular Raspberry Pi Zero module was then used. It had reportedly used a specific Waveshare GamePi15 HAT which then provided a screen as well as the regular controller button input at the very same time.

According to Josh, this specific console was running a certain prebuilt image of the PinkyPi. This is based on the previous RetroPie 4.5.1 that is used to emulate different SNES ROMs. He then reportedly decided to make use of the PisNES as the console's primary emulator.

This is definitely a sight for sore eyes as retro gamers will be able to cut out the inconvenience of having to use their consoles with an external screen for visuals. With this particular rig, gamers can cut to the chase and enjoy their retro games on a more portable platform. The video is two parts long and for those interested in making their own console, there are a number of parts that need to be sourced out in order to make the whole console.


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