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Apple has already had its hand in pretty much every cookie jar of the modern life and technology but there are rumors surfacing that it could expand its reach even more as it is working on something aside from gadgets. Recently, there have been rumors that Apple is working on its own-made cars and even one one of them has come out stating that 2021 might be the launch date for this mysterious vehicle. However, an analyst cautions that it might be something else.

When will the Apple Car be released?

A certain famed analyst called Ming-chi Kuo, however, cautions against these unreliable reports that could be meant to hype up its stocks. The statements made by the analyst continued by saying the Apple Car could possibly launch sometime between either 2025 and 2027 at its earliest.

The Apple Car rumors have reportedly restarted some time earlier this month around a certain supply chain report on how this particular part manufacturers were all rushing to be able to fill orders for a new Apple car that would launch in 2021. Other analysts had then stepped on the topic and claimed that the launch could be 2024, however, these analysts had focused more on Apple's own battery innovation instead of the Apple Car.

Analyst says 2028 for Apple Car

According to TF Securities very own Ming-chi Kuo, however, thinks that both of the different estimations are very premature. He then hinges his 2025 to 2028 timeline into two different factors. The first factor, which earlier rumors particularly seem to have missed out on, is the sheer lack of any specification or even actual suppliers for the supposed Apple Car. The second factor is that Apple rarely launches anything that big, especially something as expensive as an actual car, without already having some form of competitive market advantage as they do not usually play the underdog.

Keo also thinks that Apple will in fact be banking on new software instead of new hardware, specifically the AI and the big data. The whole company definitely still has quite a long way to go in terms of developing these elements and it seems like 2021 is still a bit too early to even start speaking about the launch. The analyst gave an alternative saying 2025 will be the absolute earliest but it seems like due to Apple's usual behavior, a much more realistic guesstimate would be around 2028.

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Apple could be focusing on something else

According to Apple Insider, the forecast doesn't really know the exact discount rumors of Apple's own battery innovation. Sources also claim that Apple is in fact working on a certain monocall battery design. This is in contrast to the ones that are currently used in most of the EVs. This will promise much greater densities. Apple will reportedly also be putting its own experience along with other sensors like the LIDAR in equipping the upcoming Apple electric car with ears and eyes that will automatically feed data to the AI system.

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