"Star Wars Battlefront II" rose to prominence again because of Epic Games making it available for free via its downloads and users are now going back to enjoying the massive online community of the game. Since its release and the current free availability, users have been urging EA for a crossplay that enables gamers from different platforms to face-off in battles.

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The popular video game company and publisher, Electronic Arts, also known as "EA," is repetitively asked by players for a crossplay action that invites users from the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to come together. The title in question is "Star Wars Battlefront II" which is the latest freebie game for the week, revisiting the gameplay from the galaxy far, far away. 

However, how wide the galaxy far, far away is, "Star Wars Battlefront II" is not, and that is no thanks to EA who has not made a move regarding the availability of letting players complete despite using different platforms.

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'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Crossplay: Redditors Ask for Cross-Platform Gaming

Star Wars Battlefront II
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Various players throughout the years have been urging and asking for the multiplatform action, with Redditors uniting in the r/StarWarsBattlefront community repeatedly asking for the 2017 video game's crossplay. This change might benefit Electronic Arts as crossplay invites more players and gamers to join, essentially increasing the popularity and usage. 

Some Redditors argued that crossplay should be observed only on console gaming platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, to provide a leveled playing field once the action starts. However, these Redditors came as one and agreed that online games, as massive as "Star Wars Battlefront 2," should have crossplay enabled.

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Crossplay: What is EA's Answer?

Star Wars Battlefront II
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According to an online forum on Electronic Art's website, the company was asked by a user in 2019 regarding a cross-platform gameplay for the Battlefront 2. A massive number of 132 players upvoted or agreed with the question and statement that asks for a crossplay.

Unfortunately, EA, at the time, answered the gamer, saying that it does not have any plans on expanding the game for a crossplay availability. 

Crossplay: Online Games Must Have

A co-free game (in the Epic Games Store) of the "Star Wars Battlefront" which also observers an online gaming community that has crossplay enabled is Rockstar Games "Grand Theft Auto V's" online. Despite being released almost eight years ago in 2013, "GTA Online" still sees a massive surge of gamers, revenue, and events in the present. 

EA may not be enabling this to the "Battlefront 2" because it is an old game which the publisher does not want to develop or continue on its servers, because of the rumored development of the "Battlefront III." However, for the time being, "Star Wars Battlefront II" is seeing a massive surge of returning or starting gamers thanks to Epic Games store's freebie release. 

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