Bernie Sanders I am Once Again Asking Meme: How to Create and Drop His Chair Anywhere
(Photo : Screenshot From Galaxy Views YouTube) Bernie Sanders I am Once Again Asking Meme: How to Create and Drop His Chair Anywhere

Bernie Sanders is now trending with the Bernie Sanders I am Once Again meme. Most people might have already seen him on social media sitting just about anywhere from beside Deadpool to in the middle of the ocean. The original photo came from Bernie Sanders sitting at the recent Joe Biden inauguration and now, there's a whole following about the politician on social media!

Bernie I am once again asking Meme Generator

According to an article by The Verge, making the Bernie Sanders meme is said to be quite easy with the use of a simple tool that allows its users to drop Bernie Sanders and his chair just about anywhere in the world. The tool is actually a website that people can use any way they like putting Bernie Sanders on just about any picture that the users can think of. However, putting Bernie Sanders on a picture would require the use of a different method.

The website is called the and it is very easy to use. According to an article by Android Central, users have the luxury of putting Bernie Sanders anywhere on Google maps like he is traveling the world. The process of doing this is also quite simple.

How to put Bernie Sanders meme anywhere in the world:

1. Go to the website

2. Enter address

3. Click button

4. Download picture

After this simple process, voila! The user will have an instant Bernie Sanders meme. However, for those with a wider imagination, there's a more complicated process they can follow but would still land them some good results.

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How to insert Bernie Sanders meme in picture

In order to insert Bernie Sanders in just about any picture, the process might be a bit longer than using the simple website. However, this can also prove more rewarding depending on the imagination of the user. While this might require a little work, the results are significantly better and people can play around with the I am Once Again Asking meme.

1. Download a plain photo of Bernie Sanders I am once again asking template. There's an I am once again asking blank copy on This I am once again asking meme template can be downloaded for the next steps only if it is not used for profitable or commercial reasons as copyright laws may vary depending on your area.

2. The second thing that users should do is to go to another website in order to remove the background. One easy to use image background remover is Once on the website, simply upload the photo of Bernie to remove the background.

3. Once the background is removed, users have two options, either use pixlr, which can be a bit more complicated but would wield better results, or use Canva which is very easy to use.

  • For Pixlr, users will have to insert a background which they would want to insert Bernie Sanders meme chair in, create a layer, and upload the Bernie Sanders meme blank on top.

  • For Canva, users can just simply create a new blank file, insert the background image, then insert Bernie Sanders.

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