Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews (2021): Don’t Buy Before Reading This
(Photo : Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews (2021): Don’t Buy Before Reading This)

Having a nice set of pearly white teeth can do wonders for a person. Not only do they bump up the charisma, they also boost confidence which makes them one of the many reasons behind a person's success. However, teeth whitening isn't exactly an easy process for multiple reasons, which is why the Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit is here to make all our lives easier.

What is Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit?

As it is quite obvious from the name. Snow® is a home use teeth whitening kit designed to give you the best possible results at an affordable price without any problems that traditional teeth whitening methods have. It's convenient, comfortable and easy to use, which makes it better at its purpose.

Now as we all know, teeth whitening is really important for some people for the image that they want to portray. Naturally, no matter how much they take care of them, most people's teeth aren't as white as others. They often feel the lack of confidence especially if they're in the showbiz or modelling businesses, where the emphasis is often on portraying a perfect image. Apart from that, having a set of pearly whites can do wonders in job interviews or having your first impression made.

Teeth Whitening procedures have existed for a long time now, however, they were not accessible by everyone. The oldest one included traditionally going to a dentist. Dentist appointments are expensive and even if you have medical insurance, chances are that the teeth whitening procedure won't be covered by it. Most people couldn't afford it so it was only for the wealthy. 

Apart from that, the standard procedure for teeth whitening was not exactly painless especially for those who had sensitive teeth. Most people reported that the pain lasted for days, which did not seem to be worth going through this procedure. Thankfully, with the introduction of Snow® which is designed to reduce sensitivity and help whitening your teeth in a completely safe manner, , sensitivity will not be that big of an issue and neither will you will not have to look for other paying a fortune to get your teeth whitened.teeth whitening is not only painless but inexpensive as well.

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How does Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit work?

The Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit contains a range of products that allows you to have a nice set of "snow" white teeth. It starts off with a gel serum that you put on after brushing your teeth. It is relatively easier to get the front teeth but it will require some work getting in on the back ones. 

However, once you get the gel serum on your teeth, it is time for some LED treatment. The LED mouthpiece comes standard with the Teeth Whitening Kit and it is supposed to be used after the gel serum is brushed on top of all the teeth. Just place it in your mouth for around 20 minutes and it will do everything on its own.

How does Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit work?

The special LED light paired with the gel serum work together to lighten your teeth. After about 20 minutes, remove the mouthpiece and rinse your mouth along with the mouthpiece. It's not going to magically make your teeth whiter in a single use so don't get disappointed. It's going to take around 20 days for significant changes. 

Regardless, this is still better than emptying your wallet over multiple dentist appointments that are not only cumbersome but can also be painful for many. For much less, you're getting a less expensive and less painful tool that works.


  • The Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit is, above all else, easy to use. It literally makes us wonder why anyone would ever go to a dentist anymore if he/she just wants their teeth whitened. The procedure is dead simple and anyone will be able to follow it without confusion. You don't have to worry about making appointments and just use it when you brush your teeth.

  • As it has been mentioned multiple times now, the Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit is inexpensive especially when compared to the treatments dentists charge just for teeth whitening. This not only makes this economical but also accessible to the masses. More people can now afford to get their teeth whitened and this practice is no longer reserved for the wealthy.

  • The LED Mouthpiece that you get with the Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit has a universal size, which means it can cater to jaws of all sizes (as long as they are human jaws). You therefore don't have to worry about getting the right size or feeling uncomfortable in case you get the wrong one. The Mouthpiece is also braces friendly, which means you can wear it on top of your braces and get the same treatment.

  • The Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit is quick and, according to customer reviews, it starts to show results within a couple of days of usage. Admitted noticeable results will take around 20 days of consistent use but it's far quicker than a dentist's treatment and even teeth whitening kits that you find in drugstores.


  • The gel serum, that we talked about earlier, comes in containers called "wands". They are difficult to manipulate in terms of putting the gel on your teeth. It becomes even more challenging when you need to put it on your back teeth, which is necessary for consistent results.



How do I twist the wands?

In order for you to use the wands to apply the gel serum to your teeth, you need to twist the wands. To do that, just twist the bottom portion of the wand counterclockwise and the serum will be pumped out from the top portion so that it can be applied to your teeth.

How much serum should I use?

You don't need to use a lot of it. Just a couple of drops on each tooth would be enough for a session. This ensures that your wands will last a long time before ordering new ones.

Does Snow® Whitening cause Sensitivity?

Snow® claims to use natural ingredients in its gel serum, which reduces the risk of sensitivity in your teeth. There is also a post whitening treatment serum available especially for people with sensitive teeth on the Snow® website.

Can children use it?

Yes they most definitely can but only as long as they have their adult teeth and still aren't on their milk teeth. The Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit doesn't have any age restriction and it can be used by people of any age since there are zero side effects. 

What is the difference between Wired and Wireless Kits?

Apart from their price, the Wired and Wireless Kits have a couple of differences. The Wired Kit requires a wire to power the LED mouthpiece, which is connected to your smartphone. The WIreless Kit is battery operated and it changes via the contact points in its case. On top of that, the Wireless Kit is also waterproof so that it can be used in the shower without being damaged.

Price & Verdict

The Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit comes in 2 packages. They are the following:



-Fast whitening results guaranteed with 99.3% ratings across 500,000+ happy customers 

-Enamel-safe professional formula 

-Reduced Sensitivity

-Celebrity favorite used by dozens of A-list celebrities 

-5-Year warranty so you can smile for years

-No dentist visit or prescription required

-Gluten-Free, Vegan and Cruelty-free

-Medical grade silicone mouthpiece

-Fast shipping worldwide (160+ countries)

-American company

-Proprietary technology recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists (DentalAdvisor)

-Full-size whitening wands, not mini-sized 

-Easy to use right out the box

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-Fast results guaranteed with using only 9-minutes per day

-99.1% 5-star ratings

-Safe LED technology unlike anything on the market

-Enamel-safe professional formula only sold by Snow

-Celebrity favorite used by dozens of A-list celebrities

-Gluten-Free Formula

-5-Year warranty comes with every order

-No dentist visit or prescription required

-Fast shipping worldwide (195+ countries)

-Award-winning technology recommended by dentists

-Full-size whitening wands, not mini-sized 

-Easy to use right out the box

As mentioned earlier, incredibly inexpensive especially considering the results that they offer. If you're on a tight budget, go with the standard kit. However, if you can afford it, go with the Wireless one. It's more convenient, which is why it comes at a premium. These kits are available on the Snow® website along with other spare products that they sell.

In addition to that, there are some amazing discounts as well that are available with these products. The Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit also comes with an incredible 5 year warranty for that added peace of mind.

To check out and buy the Snow® Teeth Whitening Kit and all the products that they sell, head over to its website.

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