Silhouette Challenge No Filter Tutorial: How to Remove Red Filter
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/BestofViralTikTok) The guide to Silhouette Challenge no filter tutorial and how to remove the red filter.

TikTok is trending again worldwide with its viral challenge on the line- The TikTok Silhouette challenge. To make it more interesting, the Silhouette challenge no filter tutorial will be your newest guide to make your next silhouette challenge a smooth one.

TikTok Silhouette Tutorial

The #silhouettechallenge hashtag spread from TikTok to other social media platforms which garnered a total of 145.3 million views already this January.

According to The Tab, the viral challenge is pretty simple. The concept revolves around the subject who will dance in front of the camera while dancing to the tune of "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" by The Platters. Voila! The setup is finished and you now become a silhouette in the doorway or everywhere that you prefer.

The Silhouette Challenge was already popular in the past year in TikTok, but this time, the filters and color will highlight the transition even better than before.

While it may appear to be an easy challenge, the lighting can affect the video. With the right tools to use, it will be a handy challenge that will really satisfy you on TikTok. Now let's head to the tutorial of how to do the silhouette challenge made easier by this quick guide.

  1. First, all you have to do is to open your Snapchat and look for the "Vin rouge" effect.
  2. Next, find a doorway where you can take a good shot for the challenge.
  3. Make sure you will film in bright lighting so turn off all the lights except the one behind you.
  4. To make the effect cooler, wear tight-fitting clothes.
  5. Now, go to your gallery and edit your video.
  6. Don't forget to add "Put your Head on my Shoulders," It makes the challenge more daring!
  7. Now, you are ready to post your own Silhouette Challenge on TikTok!

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How to Remove the Red Filter

The silhouette challenge became a 'big' challenge for the Tiktok users, as everyone is now innovating ways to improve their videos. Some are colorful, while others are artsy enough to satisfy your naked eyes.

Snapchat's Vin Rouge filter is now the most used filter in making a silhouette pattern. The users will remove the filter to reapply it for a much picturesque video transition.

While there are no known means to remove the Vin Rouge filter after it was used, there are things that you might consider to get the feel of the same effect, according to HITC.

  1. As a make-shift procedure, make two videos - a filtered video and an unfiltered video. After doing that, edit the two videos to make quick transitions that will play in-between.
  2. The other way is to edit the filtered video on a video editing application or software of your choice. The red filter is not guaranteed to be removed. However, once the video is edited, its brightness and exposure will be adjusted, so your Silhouette challenge filter will look different even under the same effect.

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